We invite you to take an ACTION STEP with the SmartKlean LAUNDRY BALL!!

Simply toss it in the washer with your laundry!

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Do you ever wonder how laundry detergent is capable of removing dirt from your clothes? The answer is simple. Detergent helps the water clean.

Through a chemical process, detergents make surfaces more susceptible to water and increase the pH levels, making it easier for water to detach the dirt from the fabrics. The downside is that most of the chemical ingredients used to achieve this are toxic to your health and the environment.*

The SmartKlean Laundry Ball uses an innovative technology designed to clean fabrics through a physical process instead. On a molecular level, the water is entirely affected by its special mineral ceramics, removing dirt and residues from clothes effectively without the need of any harsh chemicals.  (more info)

Why this is a good idea!!

90% of washing machine energy goes into heating water – SmartKlean uses cold water

No suds = no rinse cycle = saving 2-8,000 gallons over lifespan of laundry ball

13 cent per load compared to 30-45 cents from standard detergents

Prevents equivalent of 8-16 gallons of chemicals from reaching our water systems via standard detergents

Saving equivalent of 20-40 plastic containers of laundry detergents products that typically go into a landfill



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I just completed my #Water ACTION STEP for the #EcoLifestyleChallenge by using the #SmartKlean Laundry Ball! TOGETHER as friends and #LocalEarth commUNITY we are creating the most healthyregenerative and beautiful world possible.  This is part of the Ecological Lifestyle Immersion… please join us in the challenge to learn more about the program & the ACTION STEPS you can take this month to help steward a healthy planet! (





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