Welcome to the Eco-Lifestyle Challenge!

This 12 month challenge has been created to inspire and educate participants with practical steps of action to live an ecologically mindful and regenerative lifestyle that supports the health of our planet as a whole.

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We provide action steps each month ranging from small to large commitments depending on what your goals and intentions are for the challenge.

Each month you have the opportunity to take a Baby Step, Standard Stride or Giant Leap – depending on what feels right for you at the current moment in your life! 


Challenge Themes / Educational Modules

January – Water
February – Food
March – Shelter
April –  Waste
May – Transportation
June – Energy
July – Health
August –  Hygiene
September – Clothing
October – Technology
November – Travel
December – Entertainment

Why this Challenge?!

Our planet is currently facing very real concerns with regards to the health of our global ecosystem.  One of the largest contributors to these issues is our collective ecologic footprint as a human species.  Our modern societal behaviors consume a large amount of natural resources and utilize large amounts of energy, hence generating large amounts of hazardous greenhouse gases that are negatively affecting the health of our biosphere.  In December of 2015, “representatives of 195 nations reached a landmark accord at the UN Global Climate Summit in Paris that will, for the first time, commit nearly every country to lowering planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions to help stave off the most drastic effects of climate change.” (New York Times: LINK)

The Earth itself, and governments all around the world are putting out the call… we need to work together to support the health of our planet.  We are answering the call… together we are stepping into ACTION to implement positive change & protect our environment.  We are working together to cultivate the most healthy, beautiful, thriving and regenerative world possible!

Tiny House Eco-Design Challenge

An additional educational component of the challenge will be to design and build the most affordable and ecologically designed tiny house on the planet.  The model will be designed specifically for the Southern California semiarid/mediterranean climatic zone.

Traveling Educational Tour

Once the winning tiny house is built it will become part of a traveling educational tour promoting awareness of the Eco-Lifestyle Challenge. The tiny house tour and staff will travel up and down the west coast sharing ecologic inspiration at schools, conferences, festivals and events.

Local Earth Eco-Villages

Each element of the challenge will provide information, inspiration and insight into the preliminary plans and designs for our first Local Earth Village.  The winning tiny house design will also be included in the open-source community development plans for the villages.  The Local Earth Villages will serve as innovative societal models for urban planning and sustainable community development.  We are currently developing the 1st prototype Living Cluster in Southern California.



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