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Join us for inspiring discussions with visionary leaders in fields such as evolutionary consciousness, global solutions technology, environmental stewardship, regenerative community development and many others.  The context of these discussions often reference elements of the Earth 2.0 Research Project and ReGenerative Village Blueprint. The intention for these discussions is the cultivation of a healthy and thriving planet. Scroll down or check out our YouTube Channel to see all of the episodes.  We invite you to SHARE them with your friends, family & colleagues!

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Primary Discussion Topics…

Visionary Solutions

Here we discuss innovative concepts, inventions and technologies focused on providing local and global solutions to the challenges we are facing on the planet today.  These discussions often reference the Earth 2.0 Research Project.

ReGenerative Community Development

Here we discuss systems, tools, practices, methodologies and ideologies for designing and developing regenerative communities that harmoniously integrate and co-exist within the local and global ecosystem. This includes strategies of success for a variety of existing ecovillages, intentional communities and social experiments.

Exploring Coherence

Here we discuss collaborative steps of action with Cohere to build a distributed global network of co-living spaces that combine the value of owning a home with the freedom of renting.

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Hidden Energy & the Evolution of Technology

Susan Manewich & the New Energy Movement

Visionary Solutions (Episode #1)

Ephemeral Group Process & Civilization Design

Forrest Landry & EGP

Visionary Solutions (Episode #2)

SEEDS: Conscious Currency & ReGenerative Economics

Rieki Cordon & SEEDS/Hypha

Visionary Solutions (Episode #3) & Loving Kindness

Raymond Powell

Visionary Solutions (Episode #4)

Eco-Lifestyle Discussion (FOOD)

Mel Lions / Wild Willow Farm

Eco-Lifestyle Discussion (WATER)

Brook Sarson / Catching H20


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