Welcome to our monthly ReGenerative Community Development Mastermind! We extend a heartfelt invitation to all individuals passionate about ecovillage design, community building, and environmental stewardship. With the monthly membership, you will gain access to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, cutting-edge knowledge, collaborative processes, templates and practical tools to design and develop regenerative communities.

Next Session

(Currently paused) typically the 3rd Thursday @ 10:30am PST

Greetings mastermind friends ~ As many of you know I have been in transition from California, to Montana… and soon to Colorado/New Mexico… in search of my next homebase and community! I will be traveling from Montana to Colorado/New Mexico soon… and do not know exactly where I will land and when. So for the moment we are going to pause our mastermind until I am grounded somewhere with a more consistent schedule. In the meantime… sending lots of positive commUnity building vibes to you all! With gratitude ~ Joshua (4/16/24)

Our sessions are 90 minutes – If you have any questions feel free to email us…

(email: mastermind@local-earth.org)

Upcoming Mastermind Sessions

January 18, 2024

February 15, 2024

March 21, 2024

Whether you already have substantial knowledge and experience in the field of regenerative development or are just starting your journey, we welcome your unique insights and perspectives. Together, we will explore innovative approaches, exchange ideas, and inspire one another to create thriving communities. We believe that through shared knowledge, collective wisdom and collaborative action; we can make a meaningful impact on the world. 

This mastermind is of great value for professionals (community designers, permaculturists, architects, builders, engineers, renewable energy experts, farmers, water experts, conscious developers, urban planners, policy makers, real estate professionals etc.), as well as any conscious, caring citizen that wants to create healthy, resilient local communities.

This mastermind is useful for people developing regenerative communities, as well as for people with an interest to live in regenerative communities… for both the creators and the community members! This is a great platform to learn about new projects, products and technologies.  It is also a great space to network with colleagues and build friendships/partnerships with allies in the frontier lands of regenerative community development.

Choose the “Mastermind” tier option on Patreon (you may have to click on the ‘See all levels‘ button to find the mastermind tier)

Once you register you will receive an email with Mastermind resources and the Zoom link for our next session

No long-term commitment required (cancel anytime)

Key Features & Overview

This unique mastermind offers you an immersive and transformative experience, empowering you to become a catalyst for positive change in the world.

  1. Knowledge and Learning:
    • Access to educational resources, design templates and presentations from industry experts.
    • Curated content on regenerative community development, featuring case studies, research papers, and best practices from around the world.
    • Regular updates and insights on emerging trends, innovative strategies, and new opportunities in the field.
  1. Collaborative Projects and Initiatives:
    • Engage in collaborative projects and working groups aimed at addressing real-word challenges.
    • Participate in brainstorming sessions, ideation processes, and problem-solving exercises to develop innovative solutions.
    • Co-create action plans and timelines for implementation, leveraging the collective wisdom and expertise of the mastermind community.
  1. Networking and Partnerships:
    • Connect with a diverse network of individuals, including professionals, community leaders, and change-makers passionate about regenerative community development.
    • Gain opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and knowledge exchange with local businesses, government agencies, and NGOs.
    • Expand your connections and broaden your impact.
  1. Resources and Tools:
    • Access a comprehensive library of resources, including templates, guides, and toolkits to support your community development initiatives.
    • Stay up-to-date with the latest research and information on regenerative practices, sustainable development, and resilience-building.
    • Benefit from experts in the field and peer-to-peer learning opportunities to enhance your skills and capabilities.
  1. Ongoing Support and Guidance:
    • Work together with your team between mastermind sessions to create solutions to the monthly design challenge
    • Stay engaged with the mastermind participants in our private Telegram group and discussion forum – providing feedback loops to seek advice, share insights, and receive constructive feedback to maximize your impact.
    • Tap into the collective wisdom of the mastermind community, leveraging their diverse experiences and perspectives.


We offer a transformative monthly membership, providing a range of valuable benefits to our members. By joining our community, you become part of a dedicated team that fosters ongoing support, meaningful connections, active engagement, and boundless inspiration. 

One of the highlights of our mastermind is the formation of small design teams each month. These teams bring together diverse perspectives, expertise, and creativity to tackle the monthly design challenge. By working collaboratively, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute your unique insights and contribute to the collective brainstorming and problem-solving process.

Through this dynamic and interactive approach, we create an environment where ideas flow freely, solutions emerge, and innovative approaches to regenerative community development are nurtured. The design teams serve as incubators for collective wisdom, allowing each member to learn, grow, and evolve their understanding of sustainable community development from month to month.

By participating in the monthly design challenges and engaging with fellow members, you’ll be continuously expanding your knowledge base, tapping into a wealth of diverse experiences and perspectives. This collective growth and accumulation of wisdom are instrumental in shaping the future of regenerative communities.

The ongoing support, connection, and engagement provided by our community are invaluable. We recognize the power of a strong network and aim to foster authentic relationships among members. By regularly connecting and sharing experiences, challenges, and successes, you’ll find a supportive space that fuels your passion and encourages you to explore the boundaries of what is possible.

Our monthly membership offers you the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and forward-thinking community. By participating in design teams, engaging in monthly challenges, and connecting with fellow members, you’ll be at the forefront of regenerative community development, continuously expanding your knowledge, and contributing to a collective journey of building a more sustainable future.

Membership Details:

  • Monthly Fee: $25 (billed automatically each month with Patreon)
  • No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime (no pressure, but we think you will want to stay engaged with this mastermind!)
  • Regenerative Community Development Handbook & Blueprint
  • Access to all mastermind resources and recordings
  • Ongoing support, connection, engagement and inspiration
  • Monthly design teams and design challenges
  • Featured guests, projects, case-studies and experts
  • Professional and community networking
  • Private Telegram group & communication forum

By joining the Regenerative Community Development Mastermind, you are taking a significant step towards creating a sustainable, resilient, and thriving community. Let’s demonstrate the power of regenerative design and co-create a more healthy world for all!

Choose the “Mastermind” tier option on Patreon (you may have to click on the ‘See all levels‘ button to find the mastermind tier)

Once you register you will receive an email with Mastermind resources and the Zoom link for our next session

No long-term commitment required (cancel anytime)

Monthly Session Outline (90 minutes)

  • Welcome & Overview (5 min)
  • Monthly Design Challenge Review (10 min) – Each design team from the previous month will share the solutions they developed for the design challenge.
  • Featured Project/Topic Presentation (10 min) – This will change each month.
  • Breakout Sessions (45 minutes) – Each person chooses which breakout group they would like to participate in. The breakout topics will vary each month depending on the features presentation and the design challenge for the month. Participants can switch between different breakout groups during the session.
  • Group Harvest & Share (15 minutes) – Everyone will come back together as one group to share the nuggets of wisdom that arose from each breakout group, and if there are any actionable items we would like to complete before our next session.
  • Next Design Challenge (5 minutes) – Create the design teams and explain the design challenge for this upcoming month. Teams will present their solutions at next month’s mastermind.

We are always looking to grow our community of regenerative creators! If you know of any friends or colleagues that you feel would be a great addition to our mastermind, please either forward them a link to this website and/or share the Facebook Event link above with them.


Below is the framework used for the mastermind. We explore different components each month…

What is your vision?

  • What does your ideal regenerative community look like in terms of its physical layout, social dynamics, and relationship with the environment?
  • What are the key elements or features that embody your vision for the community?
  • How does your vision align with the values and aspirations of potential community members?

What are your core values?

  • What are the guiding principles that will shape the culture and decision-making within your community?
  • How will you prioritize sustainability, social equity, resilience, or other values that are important to you?
  • How do your core values differentiate or align your community with others?

What are your deal breakers?

  • What behaviors, practices, or beliefs are non-negotiable within your community?
  • What values or actions would be incompatible with the vision and goals of your community?
  • How will you address and respond to any potential deal breakers that arise?

What is the scale, how big?

  • How many people do you envision living in your community?
  • What is the ideal population size that allows for a sense of community while maintaining a sustainable and regenerative lifestyle?
  • How will the scale of your community impact the availability of resources and the capacity to implement regenerative practices?

Where is your community?

  • In which geographical region or climate do you envision your community being located?
  • How will the location of your community affect access to resources, zoning regulations, employment opportunities, and engagement with the surrounding environment?
  • What criteria will you consider when selecting a specific site or existing community for your regenerative endeavors?

Who are your people?

  • What are the demographics and backgrounds of the individuals you want to attract to your community?
  • What skills, expertise, or professions do you hope to have represented in your community?
  • How will you ensure diversity and inclusivity within your community?

At this point a good thing to do is ask yourself… does this community already exist?! There are many resources we will provide that will support your research and inquiry to see if there is already a community that exists or that is forming that meets the needs for your vision… if so, you can explore the options of joining that community. If there is not already a community that exists that is in full alignment with your desires and needs, then you have the opportunity to co-create it with like-minded friends, colleagues and allies in this mastermind! 

What types of buildings and architecture?

  • What architectural styles or design principles resonate with your vision for a regenerative community?
  • How will your buildings integrate sustainable features such as renewable energy systems, passive design strategies, and efficient use of resources?
  • Will you prioritize specific types of buildings or housing options to meet the diverse needs of community members?

What is the ownership/stewardship model for the community?

  • Will your community be collectively owned/stewarded, privately owned, or a combination of both?
  • How will you ensure long-term affordability and accessibility to housing within your community?
  • What mechanisms will be in place to address ownership transitions and succession planning?

What is your governance and decision-making process?

  • How will decisions be made within your community, and what level of participation will be required (we highly recommend a very clear and established process)?
  • Do you prefer a centralized, hierarchical decision making process or a decentralized, less hierarchical process (what kind of models are you familiar with – sociocracy, holacracy, consensus, spiral dynamics etc)?
  • How will you balance individual autonomy with collective decision-making for community-wide initiatives?

How do you cultivate healthy interpersonal relationships?

  • What strategies will you employ to foster healthy communication, empathy, and understanding among community members?
  • Will you have conflict resolution processes or systems in place to address disagreements or tensions?
  • How will you promote a sense of belonging and connection within the community?

How are you generating the resources to build the community?

  • What fundraising methods or strategies will you use to secure the necessary financial resources?
  • Will you explore partnerships, grants, or loans to support the development of the community?
  • How will you engage community members in resource generation and utilization, such as through shared investment or crowdfunding initiatives?

What kind of legal structures will your community have?

  • Will your community be established as a nonprofit organization, PMA (private membership association), land trust, religious/spiritual organization, cooperative, or some other legal entity?
  • What legal framework will provide the necessary structure and accountability for your community’s operations and decision-making?
  • How will you navigate zoning, land-use regulations, and other legal considerations specific to your chosen location?
  • Will you consult with legal experts to ensure compliance and to create a legal structure that aligns with your community’s values and objectives?
  • What legal mechanisms will be in place to protect the rights and interests of community members, disputes, and handle property ownership or use agreements?
  • How will your legal structure support the long-term sustainability and resilience of your community?

How will you establish the budget and costs to create and operate your community?

  • What are the key components and infrastructure required for your regenerative community, and how will you estimate their costs?
  • Will you conduct a comprehensive feasibility study or engage professionals to assess the financial aspects of your community development?
  • How will you balance the upfront costs of establishing the community with its long-term financial sustainability?
  • How will you ensure transparency and accountability in financial matters to build trust and confidence among community members?
  • How will you engage community members in the budgeting process and foster a sense of collective responsibility for the community’s financial well-being?

How will you find the land?

  • What specific geographical features or environmental elements are essential to you in the location of your regenerative community? (e.g., proximity to water sources, access to forests, specific climate considerations)
  • How will the availability of resources, such as renewable energy sources and agricultural land, impact your decision-making process regarding the location?
  • How will you engage with and involve the local community and its residents in your efforts to find and establish your regenerative community? (e.g., community outreach, partnerships with local organizations)
  • What potential challenges might arise from acquiring land, and how can you prepare to overcome them? (e.g., financial constraints, competing interests, negotiations with landowners)
  • How will the financial and economic aspects of acquiring and maintaining the land align with the overall vision of a regenerative community? (e.g., crowdfunding, cooperative financing, sustainable business models)

We would be honored to design a regenerative future with you!

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