This is a collaborative, open-source research project designed to discover innovative and regenerative solutions to the current social and environmental challenges we are facing on the planet today. We are re-evaluating all social systems with the intention of upgrading or redesigning all systems necessary
to support the optimal health and evolution of the planet as a whole.

In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.

– Richard Buckminster Fuller


Our vision is to create a regenerative community development model for human civilization that is scaleable, replicable
and ecologically integrated into the local and global ecosystem.


Primary (Earth)

Support the optimal health and evolution of planet Earth

Secondary (& Beyond)

Conduct prototype research and social experimentation that would provide mindful insight and guidance
for the conscious creation of human civilization on other planets

Project Components

ReGenerative Community Development (Mastermind)

We invite you to join us for our monthly ReGenerative Community Development Mastermind!  This is an opportunity for anyone with an interest in ecovillage development, community building and environmental stewardship to come together; share our collective wisdom and co-create regenerative solutions for the planet. The masterminds sessions are of great value for business professionals (designers, permaculturists, architects, engineers, renewable energy experts, regenerative farmers, water specialists, conscious developers, urban planners, policy makers, real estate specialists etc.), as well as any conscious citizen that cares about the health of the planet and wants to create healthyresilient local communities! This is a great opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded people with an interest to regenerative the planet at both a local and global scale. This is also a way to learn about new projectsproducts and technologies.

ReGenerative Community Blueprint (Design & Development)

We are working to create the most efficient “Base Unit Scale of Design for Regenerative Community Development”.  We are designing and developing a regenerative community blueprint for human civilization that can be scaled, replicated and integrated worldwide via innovative urban and rural planning models.  By design the blueprint includes closed-loop systems that provide the majority of the communities basic needs (water, food, shelter, energy, waste) in an ecologically mindful way, without significant dependence on outside resources.

United Earth Alliance (UEA)

We are working together with a collaborative global team to develop and create the United Earth Alliance (UEA). The United Earth Alliance is a unified group of individuals and organizations that uphold the values, ethics and policies of the United Earth Charter & Constitution (currently being drafted & revised).  The UEA is a decentralized, autonomous, sovereign global organization (DASO) and entity. The UEA is similar to a citizens version of the United Nations (UN), withs its operations being managed by sovereign global citizens rather than nation states and governments. 

United Earth Nation (UEN)

The United Earth Nation (UEN) is an interconnected global network of sovereign lands that are managed and stewarded by a decentralized, autonomous, sovereign, globally unified governing system that is operated and implemented at a local, bioregional scale. The UEN provides a framework of social and societal systems that integrate governance, economics and law.

Solar Energy Alliance (SEA)

The Solar Energy Alliance (SEA) is an international network of environmentally conscious citizens, organizations and businesses dedicated to stewarding the health of our local communities and environment. Our mission is to collectively install solar energy on over 2 million homes and businesses by the end of 2020. Installing rooftop solar is one of the easiest and most direct ways citizens can positively impact the environment by minimizing the amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere from fossil fuels. Click here to learn more about installing solar!

Rise & Shine Campaign (Ambassador Program)

Rise & Shine is a community powered environmental campaign supporting the United States transition to 100% renewable energy by 2035! We are working together with the Solar Energy Alliance to successfully implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Action Plan by 2030. Join the movement by becoming an Ambassador!

Ecological Lifestyle Immersion

This 12 month program has been created for anyone that has a desire to live a more regenerative and healthy lifestyle.  We provide ecologically mindful steps of action, information and resources that empower participants to make educated daily choices that support the health of our local communities and planet as a whole.  We will calculate the participants ecological footprint in the beginning and end of the program to monitor positive ecological impact on a personal and collective scale.

Earth 2.0 ReGeneration Tour & Educational Film Project

An educational multi-media film project and journey around the world in search of innovative people, projects and organizations that are developing and implementing regenerative solutions to the world’s current social and environmental challenges.  This is a collaborative, open-source research project and tour designed to discover and feature the brightest and most innovative ideas on the planet!  We are re-evaluating all social systems with the intention of upgrading or redesigning all systems necessary to support the optimal health and evolution of the planet as a whole.

Evolution 2020 (ReGenerative Solutions Summit)

Evolution is an annual gathering of global rEvolutionaries, visionaries and changemakers ready to create ReGenerative Solutions for the Planet!  This 3 day gathering is the harmonious weave of a Community Building Celebration and ReGenerative Solutions Summit. The tapestry of interactive experiences includes elements of music, art, yoga, wellness and regenerative lifestyle.  The intention is to create models for society that demonstrate how the human species can co-exist in a healthy & harmonious way with the global ecosystem and contribute to the conscious evolution of life on Earth.

Local Earth Convergence

An educational gathering and community building celebration focused on regenerative lifestyle and ecovillage development.  It will include hands on building workshops, demonstration sites for appropriate technologies and innovative systems design/development.



Research the most innovative, solution-oriented and effective social systems, models, technologies, products and services on the planet.

  • Systems / Models / Technologies / Products / Services


Provide tools, resources, classes, media, workshops and educational events to share and disseminate
the knowledge, wisdom and information we discover during our research.

  • Tools / Resources / Classes / Media / Workshops / Events / Festivals


Connecting innovative people, products, services, ideas and organizations from all around the world to activate and implement collaborative local solutions.  

  • Education Centers / ReGenerative Community Development / Urban Planning Methodologies / Case Studies / Demonstration Sites

 5 Step Methodology

1: IDENTIFY (harming factors)

Identify systems and/or actions that are harming the environment or promoting social injustice & develop strategies to stop harmful practices.

2: DISCOVER (existing solutions)

Discover existing tools, technologies, systems, practices and solutions that are already being implemented to solve global challenges.

3: Connect (and collaborate)

Connect people, organizations, systems and technologies to collaboratively develop best practices and maximize the impact, scale and reach of solutions.

4: CREATE (new solutions)

Create new regenerative models, systems and solutions with whole-systems design methodologies that can be scaled and replicated globally.

5: IMPLEMENT (demonstration projects)

Bring together the best practices, technologies and solutions and ground them into real world implementation
of demonstration projects and regenerative community development.

Current Research Initiatives & Educational Programs

Ecological Lifestyle Immersion

This 12 month program has been created for anyone that has a desire to live a more regenerative and healthy lifestyle.  We provide ecologically mindful steps of action, information and resources that empower participants to make educated daily choices that support the health of our local communities and planet as a whole.  The immersion allows us to learn in-depth about the current lifestyle behaviors of many people and how their actions are effecting the environment around them.  One of the 1st steps we ask participants to complete is to calculate their ecological footprint and learn how many planets it would take so sustain their current lifestyle.  Through our one on one consultations with participants we learn about their daily habits and have the opportunity to observe the types of social and psychological conditioning that need to be overcome in order to inspire positive and lasting behavior change.  Our hope is that through the cultivation of a holistic and ecologically integrated worldview our participants will begin to understand the importance of taking care of our environment.  We have participants calculate their ecological footprint at the beginning and end of the immersion so they can tangibly see how their lifestyle choices and modifications are positively impacting and effecting the world around them.   This also allows us to gather empirical data to support further research and educational curriculum development.

Global Educational EcoVillage Network

We are currently establishing a think-tank in San Diego, CA with local universities and professionals focused on innovative urban planning methodologies and regenerative community development.  Via the Earth 2.0 Research Project we are designing and developing a Regenerative Community Blueprint that can be scaled and replicated to provide solutions to many of the social and environmental concerns we are facing on the planet today.

Research & Education Topics

Basic ReGenerative Community Development Needs

Clean Water
Healthy Food
Safe Shelter
Renewable Energy
Cradle-to-Cradle Waste Management
Clean Air

Societal & Cultural Systems

Art & Culture
Land Rights
Law & Justice
Science & Technology
Urban Planning Methodologies & EcoVillage Development
Population Growth & Management

Research Trips & Educational Adventures

Research Trips

Research teams spends 2-6 weeks in each featured educational location identifying and documenting the most effective systems and models being implemented.  We create inspiring content from each research trip to share with the world via our interactive educational platform.

Educational Adventures / Local Earth Journeys

Provide educational adventures for people to visit these locations, connect with nature, learn about the systems and directly experience these inspiring, innovative and ecologically mindful ways of living.

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