We invite you to join us for our monthly ReGenerative Community Development Mastermind!  This is an opportunity for anyone with an interest in ecovillage development, community building and environmental stewardship to come together; share our collective wisdom and co-create regenerative solutions for the planet!

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Upcoming Mastermind Sessions

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The masterminds sessions are of great value for business professionals (designers, permaculturists, architects, engineers, renewable energy experts, regenerative farmers, water specialists, conscious developers, urban planners, policy makers, real estate specialists etc.), as well as any conscious citizen that cares about the health of the planet and wants to create healthy, resilient local communities! This is a great opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded people with an interest to regenerate the planet at both a local and global scale. This is also a way to learn about new projects, products and technologies.

These masterminds are useful for people developing regenerative communities, as well as for people with an interest to live in regenerative communities… for both the creators and the community members!

Mastermind Sessions are FREE for Local Earth Patrons. You can become a patron for as little as $1/month.

Mastermind Sessions are $5 for non-patrons.

Register for this months Mastermind

You will receive an email confirmation upon registration with a ZOOM link for the mastermind

Sessions are typically on the 1st Thursday of the month @ 6:30pm PST, yet sometimes they change. Please see the events calendar for details on the next session!

Please be in a quiet place with good reception for our Zoom. If possible please have your video turned on so we can see one another, this helps us connect in a deeper way. If possible please use a computer or laptop for our session, this more easily enables you to access our google documents, chat window and take notes (phone is acceptable if needed).

Please use this document BEFORE we start our mastermind to list your name under the Breakout Group you would like to start in! You are welcome to switch between breakout groups throughout the session, this is simply where you would like to start so please only put your name under one group (bit.ly/RCD_Mastermind_breakouts).

Facebook Event

We welcome you to invite friends, family & colleagues!

Mastermind Format (90 minutes)

  • Welcome & Overview (5 min)
  • Roundtable Introductions (10 min) 
  • Featured Project Presentation (5 min) – This will change each month.
  • Breakout Sessions (50 minutes) – This will operate similar to an Open Space Session where each participant chooses which topics of discussion they would like to be part of – participants can change between different breakout groups within the session.
  • Group Harvest & Share (20 minutes) – Everyone will come back together as one group to share the nuggets of wisdom that arose from each breakout group, and if there are any actionable items we would like to complete before our next session.

Breakout Session Topics

  • New Projects & Networking (For people just getting started, or thinking about getting started on a project – great place to network and collaborate)
  • Land & Property (Zoning, Permitting, Policy & Legal Issues etc)
  • Financial Models & Economics
  • Green Architecture & Construction (Materials & Methods)
  • Whole Systems Design (Basic needs integration of Water, Food, Shelter, Energy & Waste Management Systems)
  • Social Design & Systems (Governance, Communications, Interpersonal Relationships etc.)
  • Local Earth Village Development (Discussion about the status and process for developing the Local Earth Village Model – we are open to collaborators, partners and potential new residents)
  • Other (Participants are welcome to propose a specific breakout topic if they feel called to do so)

Solar Energy Alliance (Partnership)

Our Mastermind group is proud to be working together with the Solar Energy Alliance (SEA). The SEA is an international network of environmentally conscious citizens, organizations and businesses dedicated to stewarding the health of our local communities and environment. Our mission is to collectively install solar energy on over 2 million homes and businesses by the end of 2025. We are working together as a global community to successfully implement the UN’s Sustainable Development goals and Climate Action Plan by 2030.

Get FREE Solar Design

Get a FREE Solar Design for your home!

Become an Ambassador

Support the mission by spreading the word as an Ambassador!

(Generous compensation for referrals!)

Become a Partner

Joining our team as an official SEA Partner!

(HUGE potential for financial compensation & income!)

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Learn more about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (pay specific attention to Goals 7, 11 & 13)


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