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 Welcome to Earth 2.0 ~ the Next Evolution

We are a community of visionaries & solutionaries working together to create the most healthy and thriving planet possible.  Together we are creating regenerative village designs & holistic urban planning models for future human & societal development. (Earth 2.0 Research Project)

Join us in the Ecological Lifestyle Immersion to learn about tangible steps of action you can take in your daily life to support the health of your local ecosystem.  We invite you to schedule a Discovery Session if you would like to learn more about the program.

We are designing and building a global network of ecovillages that will provide us with solutions to the current challenges we are facing with regards to the health of our global ecosystem, natural resource management and population growth.  We are creating replicable models for every bioregion on the planet.

For those of you in Southern California (San Diego) we host frequent community events to share inspiration and education revolving around ecovillage development, regenerative systems and local solutions that are already being implemented.  We also host an annual community building celebration with hands-on educational workshops.

If you feel inspired to be part of an evolutionary team that is working together to create solutions to some of the world’s most challenging issues… we invite you to join us!  Our community consists of permaculturists, natural builders, farmers, whole-systems design architects & engineers, educators, students, free thinkers, economists, artists, researchers and renewable energy specialists just to mention a few… we have too many hats to list them all!  Yet there is ONE thing that brings ALL of us together and unites our vision ~ our desire to live upon and create the most healthy and thriving world possible!

With Love & Gratitude,
The Local Earth Team

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