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Local Earth is a nonprofit organization that provides educational resources and experiences that empower people to live healthy, joyful and ecologically mindful lives.  We contribute our collective energy and intentions to benefit the health and wellbeing of our planet as a whole.


Our vision is to develop a global network of educational ecovillages that demonstrate regenerative solutions to the social and environmental challenges we are facing on the planet today. 


We are bringing together a global community of innovators, solutionaries, designers, scientists, builders, farmers, craftsmen, engineers, makers, doers and adventurers that are working together to research, inspire and develop innovative global solutions. We are providing an interactive educational platform for visionaries from all industries and sectors of society to collaborate on and develop regenerative solutions. (See Earth 2.0 Research Project)

 Local Earth Platform


Research the most innovative, solution-oriented and effective social systems, models, technologies, products and services on the planet.

  • Systems / Models / Technologies / Products / Services


Provide tools, resources, classes, media, workshops and educational events to share and disseminate the knowledge, wisdom and information we discover during our research.

  • Tools / Resources / Classes / Media / Workshops / Events / Festivals

Community Building

Bring together eco-minded people with a desire to create the most healthy and thriving world possible with regenerative solutions.

  • Events – Host inspiring and education events that share regenerative solutions.
  • Virtual – Interactive Online Community platform (website, social media & app) that showcases and distributes regenerative ideas and principles in action.
  • EcoVillages – Consolidate the best practices discovered in our research to design models for regenerative community development that can be implemented and replicated at various scales and integrated into innovative urban planning practices.

 5 Step Methodology

1: IDENTIFY (harming factors)

Identify systems and/or actions that are harming the environment or promoting social injustice & develop strategies to stop harmful practices.

2: DISCOVER (existing solutions)

Discover existing tools, technologies, systems, practices and solutions that are already being implemented to solve global challenges.

3: Connect (and collaborate)

Connect people, organizations, systems and technologies to collaboratively develop best practices and maximize the impact, scale and reach of solutions.

4: CREATE (new solutions)

Create new regenerative models, systems and solutions with whole-systems design methodologies that can be scaled and replicated globally.

5: IMPLEMENT (demonstration projects)

Bring together the best practices, technologies and solutions and ground them into real world implementation of demonstration projects and regenerative community development.


The cultivation of optimal health and evolution in relation to self, community and planet.


Placing myself in an environment that supports my most optimal personal health and evolution.  Living in a way that my thoughts, words, actions and lifestyle support the optimal health and evolutions of myself as a whole being.


Practicing a healthy balance of self reliance and interdependence.  Celebrating unity and diversity.  Living in a way that my thoughts, words, actions and lifestyle support the optimal health and evolution of my community as a whole.


Living with an understanding that everything on Earth (and Universe) is connected.  Living in a way that my thoughts, words, actions and lifestyle support the optimal health and evolution of the planet as a whole.

Values & Ethics

  • Our actions serve the optimal health of the planet as a whole
  • Our thoughts, words, communication and intentions are guided by kindness, gratitude, respect, integrity and compassion
  • We honor transparency, honesty and accountability
  • We encourage each individual to act from a place of self-accountability and responsibility while contributing to the highest good of the whole
  • We respond to challenges in a solutions-oriented manner with collaboration and cooperation
  • We operate from a universal & holistic worldview rather than a human centric perspective
  • We work together with people and organizations that share similar values and purpose
  • We support and contribute to the open-source movement where knowledge and wisdom are shared with all of humankind to support the highest good for all

One of our guiding mantras…

In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.

– Richard Buckminster Fuller

Organizational Objectives

  • Provide a solutions hub dedicated to the creation of socially just and ecologically regenerative systems for planet Earth
  • Develop models for human society that integrate harmoniously with our natural ecosystems and support the optimal evolution of our planet as a whole
  • Provide education, inspiration and demonstration of ecological whole systems design, thinking, tools and technologies
  • Develop ecovillage blueprints that can be scaled, replicated and integrated into innovative urban planning methodologies
  • Develop ecovillage models for each bioregion on the planet that can be adapted for urban or rural implementation
  • Demonstrate and implement principles of scale-linking design that address the full spectrum of community design from local homes, neighborhoods, ecovillages and towns all the way up to global systems of communication, transportation and governmental policy
  • Develop and implement a “Base Unit Scale of Design for Regenerative Community Development” based on Dunbar’s Number of approximately 150 people
  • Research, develop and implement social systems with well dispersed balance of power, influence, contribution and control
  • Develop a balanced combination of centralized & decentralized social systems
  • Support the use of appropriate technology that is in balance and harmony with the environment

Research & Education Topics

Basic ReGenerative Community Development Needs

  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Energy
  • Waste Management
  • Clean Air

Societal & Cultural Systems

  • Governance
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Health
  • Art & Culture
  • Land Rights
  • Law & Justice
  • Transportation
  • Science & Technology
  • Communication
  • Village Design & Urban Planning Models
  • Population Growth & Management

Research Trips & Educational Adventures

Research Trips

Research teams spends 2-6 weeks in each featured educational location identifying and documenting the most effective systems and models being implemented.  We create inspiring content from each research trip to share with the world via our interactive educational platform.

Educational Adventures

Provide educational adventures for people to visit these locations, connect with nature, learn about the systems and directly experience these inspiring, innovative and ecologically mindful ways of living.

The Nature of Community


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