It is with great joy and honor we invite YOU to join us for Evolution 2020!!

This is our inaugural gathering of global rEvolutionaries, visionaries and changemakers ready to create ReGenerative Solutions for the Planet!


Evolution 2020 is a co-creative Community Building Celebration; harmoniously weaving together elements of holistic health, resilience, regeneration and conscious commUnity development.

Our theme for 2020 is… 

Love in Action!

This is a nonprofit fundraiser to design, develop and build a network of Educational EcoVillages (more info below)!

Vision & Mission 

A world where the human species co-exists in a healthy & harmonious way with the global ecosystem and contributes to the conscious evolution of life on Earth.

Celebrating the Fall Equinox (September 18-20th)

Madre Grande Monastery

A beautiful property about 30 miles east of San Diego

(2260 Lucky Six Truck Trail, Dulzura, CA 91917)

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Day Ticket no camping ($33)
Patreon Member tickets ($44)
Early Bird tickets with camping available until September 11th ($55)
Full Price tickets available until Mid-night September 17th ($77)

To demonstrate a similar size of the ecovillage blueprint we are only selling 100 tickets to this gathering. This village-like scale will create an environment supportive for deep impact, authentic connection, collective empowerment and personal transformation. Make sure to get your tickets before we reach capacitySee the ticket page for more event information.

Corona Update & Tickets

We are moving forward with optimism that the social environment will be supportive to hold the physical gathering on our scheduled dates for September 18-20th. If for some reason due to public health and the corona situation we are not able to gather, we will  reschedule the event at a later date. We will be conscious about the health and well-being of our community and planet while making these scheduling decisions. At this moment we intend to hold the physical gathering on the scheduled dates with healthy and conscious social conduct! If we reschedule the physical gathering we will fully refund ticket purchases.

We are co-creating global solutions… implementing local projects 

… and celebrating a healthy, thriving planet!


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Evolution, Adaption & Resilience

In the spirit of evolution… Evolution 2020 is evolving and adapting in response to the current social environment related to covid-19. The current social and societal atmosphere with many varying perspectives and beliefs on how to best respond to the current situation has made it challenging to organize and plan many logistics of the gathering. For example it has been challenging for people (presenters, panel speakers, workshop facilitators, artists etc.) to commit to participate in some of the planned components of the gathering. In response we are simplifying, adapting and evolving.

The new framework for the gathering is basically a blank canvas inviting YOU and all participants to co-create the experience YOU/WE choose to have! This is now a choose Y/OUR own adventure experience that YOU (WE collectively) will co-create! We are letting go of almost all of the original plan, framework and schedule… and basically providing a blank canvas for 3 days for whatever the commUNITY of participants chooses to co-create! If you are interested, feel free to review the original event plan and outline here to potentially spark some ideas (

There is a basic schedule with a few times allocated for general activities… other than that the canvas, schedule and experience will be what YOU/WE choose to co-create.  This is an invitation for YOU (everyone) to step into any form of leadership and style of co-creation YOU/WE choose to embody and demonstrate!  This empowers ALL of us to take responsibility for what it is we choose to co-create and experience at Evolution 2020.



  • 9:00am – Gates open for arrival & check-in
  • 10:30 – Opening Circle
  • 11:00 – Health Discussion & Safety Protocols
  • 12:00 – Intro to Fermentation & Tasting
  • (Afternoon) – Hiking Trails, Pond, Labyrinth & Nature Connection
  • 2:00 – Open Space Session (1.5 hours) 
  • 5:00 – EcoVillage Development Discussion (Strategy & Process)
  • 7:30 – CommUnity Jam & Fire Circle (bring your instruments)


  • 8:00 – Meditation, Yoga & Conscious Movement
  • (All Day/Evening) – Hiking Trails, Pond, Labyrinth & Nature Connection
  • 10:30 – Open Space Session (1.5 hours)
  • 2:00 – Open Space Session (1.5 hours)
  • 5:00 – Village Design Charrette & Visioning (for Madre Grande)
  • 7:30 – CommUnity Jam & Fire Circle (bring your instruments)


  • 8:00 – Meditation, Yoga & Conscious Movement
  • (All Day/Evening) – Hiking Trails, Pond, Labyrinth & Nature Connection
  • 10:30 – Open Space Session (1.5 hours) 
  • 2:00 – Open Space Session (1.5 hours)
  • 4:30 – Next Steps for Village Development
  • 5:30 – Closing Circle ~ Thank You!

Madre Grande Monastery (location)

We are grateful to be hosting Evolution 2020 at such a beautiful venue and property!  There are 264 gorgeous acres of nature to explore with hiking trails. Enjoy the expansive views, connect with the land, mountains, oak trees, boulders, wildlife, reflection pond and labyrinth. This is an amazing opportunity to disconnect from the hustle & bustle… and reconnect with self, nature, wildlife, friends and commUnity! Learn more about the unique and inspiring history of Madre Grande Monastery (here).

Open Space Sessions

For anyone that is not familiar with Open Space… it is a method for creating self-organized group breakout sessions focused on a shared topic or objective. Our focusing question for the Open Space Sessions will be… “How do we create healthy, intentional, resilient and regenerative communities?!” Here is a short video explaining the principles of Open Space and a website with more information.

Blank Canvas & CommUnity Co-Creation

Considering much of this gathering is a blank canvas being co-created by YOU and other friends in the commUnity… we have this “CommUnity Co-Creation & Planning” google document that all participants can use to share ideas and make plans for the gathering (Link: This is basically a blank editable document with several sections for people to communicate and co-create. Below are a few examples of things that could be discussed and planned for in the document…

  • Does anyone have any ideas for workshops or presentations they would like to offer?!
  • There is a time scheduled in the morning for Yoga, Meditation and Conscious Movement – yet there is no specific plan for how this will take place?! There are no specific teachers planned to lead this session. Do YOU want to lead some of this session? – make a proposal to the community! Do you think we should have 3 different zones with 3 different activities happening? – propose where those spaces should be and who will lead them! There are many ways we can co-create this time and space on the schedule.
  • How do we want to gather and acquire the wood for the evening fire circles? Does anyone know of any good supplies of firewood (chopped wood, pallets etc.)? Does anyone have a truck or trailer that could help pick up and bring firewood to the gathering?!
  • There is the frame of a geodesic dome on the property that could be made into a nice gathering space for tea and conversation etc. – yet currently it is simply a frame on the ground. Does anyone have any tapestries or cloth that could help turn it into a beautiful and inviting space that could provide shade and comfort?! Does anyone have any rugs, pillows or cushions that could make it a cozy and comfortable place for people to sit?!
  • Does anyone have any ideas for how a group music session could be facilitated around the fire to help create harmony and inspired collective participation?!

Health & Safety Protocols

In response to covid-19; all participants will be taking complete self responsibility for their choice to attend and participate in the gathering. All participants together will co-create and uphold the guidelines and protocols that are felt to support the optimal health and well-being of all participants and the local community as a whole.  All participants’ individual preferences for social/physical distancing will be honored and respected. The gathering is taking place outside on a 264 acre property with ample space for social/physical distancing and open air flow. We are limiting the amount of participants and ticket sales to ensure ample space for social/physical distancing.

Earth 2.0 Research Project & Educational EcoVillage Fundraiser

Evolution 2020 is a fundraiser for the Earth 2.0 Research Project – the Next Evolution of Social Systems.  Our mission for Phase I is to raise the resources necessary to design, develop and build an educational ecovillage that demonstrates values, ethics, principles, systems and technologies of regenerative community development. We are designing a regenerative community blueprint that can be replicated worldwide. The blueprint is adaptable to various ecosystems and can be implemented at various scales to provide local environmental solutions. YOUR participation in Evolution 2020 is helping us accomplish this mission!


Conscious CommUnity Celebration (Use of substances)

This is a conscious commUnity celebration where we have the opportunity to experience the beauty of a natural high of life… connection to nature, friends, music, love and laughter!  This is NOT the type of gathering that encourages getting intoxicated with the use of external chemical substances or hard drugs. We support mindful, moderate, conscious, conscientious, sacred and intentional use of natural substances that support your already natural, healthy and joyful expression of being. Moderate and conscious enjoyment of alcohol, plants or herbs is welcome.  There is to be NO use of illegal drugs or hard alcohol on the land (beer, wine, kombucha are ok). If anyone abuses this invitation of conscious natural substance usage they will be asked to leave the gathering. Thank you for honoring the intentional way of living and the sacredness of the land at Madre Grande Monastery. It is beautiful to remember that we have the tools and all we need inside of us to experience natural states of ecstasy and elevated awareness whenever we choose (without the need of external substances)!

United Earth Nation & Alliance

Evolution 2020 is working together with a collaborative global team to develop and create the United Earth Nation & Alliance (UEN/UEA).  Evolution 2020 will help raise the resources necessary to create our 1st demonstration model of regenerative community development at village scale. We are grateful to be exploring possibilities of  how to build our network of regenerative villages, towns and cities on sovereign UEN land.  The UEN/UEA is a unified international network of sovereign lands and a decentralized global governing system that upholds the values, ethics and policies of the United Earth Charter (currently being drafted & revised). The UEN is governed by local (bioregional) citizens that serve as members of a unified, integrated, distributed and decentralized global governing system. We are nurturing the evolution of a human species and presence that lives in peace, balance and harmony with the planet as a whole.

UEN Timeline

  • 2020 – Initiation & Development
  • 2022 – Implementation

Solar Energy Alliance

One of our Evolution 2020 partners is the Solar Energy Alliance (SEA)! The SEA is a national network of environmentally conscious citizens, organizations and businesses dedicated to stewarding the health of our local communities and environment.  We currently have partnerships with over 120 first class companies nationwide and are active in 16 states. The SEA mission is to collectively install solar energy on over 20,000 homes and businesses by the end of 2020. Installing rooftop solar is one of the easiest and most direct ways citizens can positively impact the environment by minimizing the amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere from fossil fuels. 

We have several ways you can participate with the Solar Energy Alliance right NOW!

ReGenerative Community Development

Our objective is to provide regenerative and holistic solutions to the current social and environmental challenges confronting the planet. Our development of community based projects will include a full spectrum of scale-linking design systems and solutions from neighborhood villages to urban planning for smart cities. These projects will support the holistic health and well being of communities worldwide.

Primary Objectives (ReGenerative Community Blueprint) 

(1) Design and develop regenerative societal systems at optimally efficient scale

  • neighborhood, village and community scale
  • urban planning scale for smart cities

(2) Utilize principles of ecological whole systems design to create regenerative…

  • natural building systems
  • organic food systems
  • clean energy systems
  • clean water systems
  • closed-loop waste management systems

(3) Heal the personalsocial, cultural and environmental traumas that have occurred as a result of imbalanced, antiquated and inadequate societal systems

(4) Work in collaboration with the Local Earth 2.0 Research Project and other partners to create a prototype village of approximately 150 people that demonstrates regenerative materials, structures, products and systems. This prototype village will: (current numbers are approximations – we will refine numbers and percentages as research continues and information is refined)

    • Internally generate 100% of electricity needs from clean, renewable sources
    • Source 70% of structural building materials within 150 mile radius
      1. Source additional 20% of materials within 1,200 mile radius
      2. Building materials will be natural, renewable, non-toxic and durable
    • Internally source 95% of water needs from local natural sources and methods
    • Internally produce and grow 75% of the village food needs
      1. Source an additional 15% of food needs from within a 150 mile radius
    • Internally manage and re-utilize 85% of village waste
      1. 10% of waste to be recycled within 100 miles radius

Earth 2.0 Research Project:

Join the Event Production & Co-Creation Team!

If you feel inspired by the mission & vision of Evolution 2020… we INVITE YOU to JOIN US in the co-creation and production of this event!  This is a fundraiser so our team is volunteering our time to the mission & vision. (Email us for more

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Join us for this harmonious global rEvolution of Consciousness!

Co-creating Regenerative Solutions for the Planet!

Peace… Love & Evolution 2020 Baby!

Evolution 2020 (Flyer 2 plus)


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