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We are grateful to announce that in honor of Earth Day we are offering a tour of Casa Aguila — one of the most ecologically designed homes in San Diego County!  Our intention is to inspire YOU with ideas and actions for living a healthy and regenerative lifestyle right here at home in Southern California.

Learn more about Casa Aguila here

“Casa Águila sets a precedent for water capture and reuse in residential design. It is the first residence in San Diego County to use captured rainwater for 100% of indoor potable water use, and is also the first to receive a permit for recycled blackwater. Rainwater is captured in (5) 10,000 gallon tanks and used for potable indoor use as well as fire suppression. Greywater, blackwater, and stormwater is stored in (4) 10,000 gallon tanks and is used for irrigation of the food forest and remaining landscape area. The closed system of capture, use, reuse, and deposition back to the earth minimizes environmental impact and exemplifies a sustainable method of living. See more photos and diagrams of the innovative and intricate systems on the website.

Arguably the most impressive aspect of the home is the sophisticated energy system.  The project goal is to eventually take the home off-grid in a Phase-2.  Phase-1 required that the home generate renewable energy and run off a battery system, utilizing the grid only for back-up energy (versus using the grid as the primary source of energy with renewables net-metering, with batteries only as backup as is typical.)  Taking a small, modest home off-grid is fairly easy, but a daunting task for a luxury home as the technology that enables the goal is only just now becoming available.”

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Date & Location

Saturday, April 22nd

The home is in Ramona, CA **Please RSVP to for address**

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12:30 – Casa Aguila Tour & ReGenerative Lifestyle Discussion

1:30 – Organic Vegetarian Potluck & Eco-Socializing (please bring dish to share)

***We ask that you consider a $5 donation.   We are a grassroots nonprofit organization and every bit helps us continue organizing these events for you and our commUNITY!  We split the donations with the host of the event.  If you are unable to donate and would like to attend please contact us and we can work something out. Here is a link for donations.

$5 Donation

The intention of our monthly events is to inspire YOU with ideas and actions for living a healthy and regenerative lifestyle.  We showcase local people, companies and organizations that are actively engaged in creating the most healthy world possible!  These are also great networking events for people interested in creating and living in ecovillages.  Our mission here at Local Earth is to design and develop a global network of educational ecovillages.

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POTLUCK NOTE: We always strive to LEAVE A POSITIVE FOOTPRINT with our Local Earth Events.  Please help us do this by bringing your own cutlery, plate/bowl and reusable drinking vessel.  This will help us minimize waste from plastic cups/utensils and paper plates.  While preparing your food for the potluck please consider the option of buying organic ingredients in bulk from the market.  Small steps like this help minimize waste from processed and packaged foods.

With gratitude and respect,
the Local Earth Team


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