We invite you to join us on a journey around the world in search of innovative people, projects and organizations that are developing and implementing regenerative solutions to the world’s current social and environmental challenges.  This is a collaborative, open-source research project and tour designed to discover and feature the brightest and most innovative ideas on the planet!  We are re-evaluating all social systems with the intention of upgrading or redesigning all systems necessary to support the optimal health and evolution of the planet as a whole. (see: Earth 2.0 Research Project)

Earth 2.0 ReGeneration Tour Objectives

  • Discover innovative people, projects and organizations that are demonstrating regenerative solutions
  • Cross-pollinating innovative ideas by connecting synergistic individuals and organizations from around the world with media & research

Take Action

We live on a planet that is abundant and provides us with everything we need to thrive if we live in a balanced way that is in harmony with mother nature. Our current human civilization is not utilizing the world’s natural resources in a mindful, healthy or regenerative way. This is leading to imbalances in our global ecosystem and threatening the health of our planet as a whole.

Check out the Ecological Lifestyle Immersion if you would like to learn more about proactive steps you can take in your daily life to be mindful of your ecological footprint. Schedule a Discovery Session to learn more!

We are working together with a global network of videographers and media production teams to document the research and share the story!  See the “Collaborative Film Project” if you are involved with media production and would like to to learn more about how you can become involved and contribute to the project.

A bit about our Ecosystem & current Social Systems
(Earth 1.0)

A well respected coalition of scientists and researchers from prominent institutions, universities, governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations from all around the world have agreed that it is harmful for our ecosystem to exceed levels of 350 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere.  Our current lifestyles, societal systems and a high usage of fossil fuels are contributing factors to a rising CO2 count in our atmosphere.  Current research shows that we are now at levels well over 400 ppm, which is hazardous to the health of our ecosystem.  Here is a graph that charts CO2 levels throughout the last 420,000 years. (

Many of our social systems have been corrupted and no longer represent our values as conscious global citizens.  In the United States we are witnessing that our current political and governing system can lead to an extremely divided 49/51% country and society.  We are learning that the current financial systems are designed to keep the majority of the population working in debt while supporting extravagant abundance for a select few.  These old paradigm (Earth 1.0) systems feed off of energies of greed, fear, lack and domination.  It is time for the next evolution of global systems (Earth 2.0) based on values of cooperation, collaboration, health and abundance for all!

ReGenerative Community Development
(Earth 2.0)

The Earth 2.0 ReGeneration Tour & Research Project will connect the brightest minds and solutions on the planet. We are creating a model of Regenerative Community Development that is scaleable, replicable and ecologically integrated into the local and global ecosystem.  These models, systems and solutions will be demonstrated via a global network of educational centers and ecovillages.  Our intention is to empower everyone as a global citizen to participate and contribute to this next evolution of human civilization. Please join us on this regenerative adventure of self-discovery and co-creation!


Chapter #1 – Southwest Tour (Summer 2017)

  • Local Earth Ecovillage Design Lab
  • Unify Festival & Village Building Immersion
  • Earthship Biotecture Institute
  • Arcosanti
  • Biosphere 2
  • The Lama Foundation
  • The Hummingbird Community, Living School & Permaculture Gathering
  • Harmonious Earth / Sedona
  • …more locations coming soon!

Chapter #2 – West Coast Tour (Summer 2021)

  • The ReGenerative Design Institute
  • The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center
  • The Solar Living Institute
  • Aprovecho
  • Tribalize
  • ReInhabiting the Village / Trillium
  • Institute of Noetic Sciences
  • The Ecology Center
  • LA EcoVillage
  • Local Earth Village Design Lab
  • …more locations coming soon!

Chapter #3 – Across the Sea to Europe (Spring/Summer 2022)

  • Damanhur
  • Findhorn
  • Tamera
  • …more locations coming soon!



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