We are honored & excited that UNIFY FEST is going to be our first stop for Chapter #1 of the Earth 2.0 ReGeneration Tour!  Join us on a 3 week journey through Arizona & New Mexico in search of innovative people, projects and organizations that are developing and implementing regenerative solutions to the world’s current social and environmental challenges.  This is a collaborative, open-source research project and tour designed to discover and feature the brightest and most innovative ideas on the planet!  We are re-evaluating all social systems with the intention of upgrading and redesigning all systems necessary to support the optimal health and evolution of the planet as a whole.


UNIFY FEST is a 3-day Transformational Festival dedicated to uplifting, connecting and transforming lives through diverse and inspirational workshops, yoga, art, movement, music, ceremony, healthy living, and conscious entertainment.  The festival is a diverse and unified community of social-change creators. You are invited to come and activate with us as we co-create the 2nd epic year of a healthy and conscious festival experience in New Mexico!

Immediately following the festival we will also be participating and documenting components of the Village Building Immersion.  This is a week long deep dive into what it really takes to become an authentic tribe, learning what it is to socially, practically and fully be a village. Through the Village Building curriculum we will cultivate a deep resonance based in Ceremony, Collaboration, Empowerment, Action and Love within the collective- creating a lifelong connection, family and network of village co-creators. In this highly interactive dialogue and exchange we will explore Regenerative Lifestyle with an emphasis on bringing forth new forms of Community Building, Ceremony, Embodiment Practice, Action Items, Sovereign Governance, Social Artistry, Village Design, Council Dynamic, Solutionary Thinking and Regenerative Resource Distribution.

We are so grateful for this EPIC beginning to Chapter #1 of our Earth 2.0 ReGeneration Tour!  Stay tuned for our next stops at the Hummingbird Community & Living School, Earthship Biotecture, Lama Foundation, Earth Harmony, Arcosanti and Biosphere 2.  The research and documentation of this project is in support of developing a global network of educational ecovillages that demonstrate social and environmental solutions; as well as tools, systems, technologies and practices for living a regenerative lifestyle.  Thank you for participating with us in this global movement to cultivate a healthy and harmonious planet!

Ecological Lifestyle Immersion

Join us for the Ecological Lifestyle Immersion to gain tools, information and inspiration to live a more regenerative lifestyle!



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