Happy almost Spring everyone… it is time for our Local Earth monthly social for March!  We will be visiting Le Case Ecovillage in Pacific Beach to get a taste of ecovillage living right here in our own backyard.  Our intention is to inspire YOU with ideas and actions for living a healthy and regenerative lifestyle right here in San Diego.

Read a bit more about Le Case here

Le Case is both an English acronym and an Italian word that means “the houses”. Le Case Ecovillage is a group of adult urban ecovillagers who live in several houses (four buildings with both shared and private arrangements) on two urban lots located just two blocks from a beautiful beach on the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, California.

Although we lead a regular city life and hold traditional (more or less) jobs like teachers, massage therapists, nurses, artists, holistic healers, students, and whatever else, Our Ecovillage is making strides to live more sustainably by making conscious and ethical choices by how we shop, reducing consumption, recycling what we cannot compost and making our community a more beautiful place.

We grow some of our own food in the garden using permaculture techniques and we encourage a communal lifestyle among the residents by sharing meals and holding regular meetings. Our goal is to be an example in the San Diego community by promoting a sustainable EcoVillage lifestyle.

Date & Location

Saturday, March 18th

825 – 835 Tourmaline St.San Diego, CA 92109

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12:30 – Ecovillage Tour & ReGenerative Lifestyle Discussion

1:30 – Organic Vegetarian Potluck & Eco-Socializing (please bring dish to share)

***Our events are FREE, yet we greatly appreciate donations of any size or sort.  We ask that you consider a $5 donation.   We are a grassroots nonprofit organization and every bit helps us continue organizing these events for you and our commUNITY!  We split the donations with the host of the event. Here is a link for donations.


The intention of our monthly events is to inspire YOU with ideas and actions for living a healthy and regenerative lifestyle.  We showcase local people, companies and organizations that are actively engaged in creating the most healthy world possible!  These are also great networking events for people interested in creating and living in ecovillages.  Our mission here at Local Earth is to design and develop a global network of educational ecovillages.

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POTLUCK NOTE: We always strive to LEAVE A POSITIVE FOOTPRINT with our Local Earth Events.  Please help us do this by bringing your own cutlery, plate/bowl and reusable drinking vessel.  This will help us minimize waste from plastic cups/utensils and paper plates.  While preparing your food for the potluck please consider the option of buying organic ingredients in bulk from the market.  Small steps like this help minimize waste from processed and packaged foods.

With gratitude and respect,
the Local Earth Team



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