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Thank you so much for your interest in the Local Earth Village at Ecotopia Ranch!  We are currently accepting applications for new members.  Please follow the steps below to begin the process. We look forward to getting to know you!

We recommend subscribing to our monthly newsletter and joining our Facebook Group to stay informed about upcoming events and village updates.  We encourage you to come out to the land for our events so you can get to know the village family and we can get to know you!  Feel free to email us (village @ local-earth.org) with any further questions.

With love & gratitude,
The Local Earth Village & Ecotopia Ranch Family

Step #1 – Review Abbreviated Agreements

Here is a condensed list of important components of our village agreements. Please review this information.  If you feel in alignment with these agreements please continue on to Step #2 to complete the Village Questionnaire.

Step #1

Step #2 – Village Questionnaire

Please complete the Village Questionnaire. Once we have reviewed your questionnaire we will get in touch with you!

Step #2