Greetings friends of the Earth!

We warmly welcome you to join us for our Spring Equinox Gathering with the Local Earth Village at Ecotopia Ranch… we will be preparing & planting the gardens, eating yummy food, singing around the fire, dancing, laughing and loving!  Spring is just around the corner… a perfect time to cultivate the soil, plant seeds and nurture our collective dreams for a healthy and harmonious planet! Come early if you’d like to get your hands & feet in the soil as we begin to activate our 1st gardens on the land.  This 1st portion beginning at 2pm will be a work party – so please bring some gloves, a hat and any gardening tools/materials you may have that would be supportive to the process! After that we will be potlucking and making music around the fire. Please bring a yummy dish to share (ideally healthy & organic) and bring your instruments as well!  We look forward to celebrating & welcoming the spring with friends and family! (see more village info here)

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Schedule / Address: 10622 W Lilac Road, Valley Center 92082

  • 2:00 – Gardening, preparing the beds & planting seeds
  • 5:30 – Potluck
  • 7:00 – Fire circle, music, singin & dancin
  • 9:00 – Head home with a warm heart & smile (we have some important work the following morning so we will be ending this gathering a bit earlier than our usual fire circle gatherings)

** Leave a Positive Footprint – We do our best to minimize any waste and leave a positive impact on the land with our gatherings. Please bring your own cup, bowl, napkin, and utensils.  Please be mindful of the amount of plastics & packaging involved in the food preparation process. If possible we encourage supporting local organic farmers by shopping at farmers markets or coops.  We also encourage buying in bulk with reusable containers to minimize packaging waste.

With love & gratitude,
The Local Earth Village

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