We invite you to join us for a virtual discussion about the film “Kiss the Ground”. This is an inspiring documentary about a revolutionary group of activists, scientists, farmers, and politicians banding together in a global movement of “Regenerative Agriculture” that could balance our climate, replenish our vast water supplies, and feed the world!

Please watch the film sometime BEFORE our discussion. You may want to take notes of things that inspire you or that you have questions about while watching. There are several ways to watch the film and see the trailer on the website (kissthegroundmovie.com). We suggest you get together with a group of friends to watch the film! Simply register for free on Eventbrite and you will receive an email with the Zoom login information for our discussion.

Tuesday, November 17th @ 6:30pm PST


Simply register for free on Eventbrite and you will receive an email with the Zoom login information for our THRIVE II discussion.

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Invite your friends, family and colleagues!

This film discussion is part of our ReGenerative Community Development Mastermind series. We gather virtually once per month for our mastermind sessions to share ideas, wisdom and inspiration to co-create regenerative solutions for the planet! Our next mastermind session is on December 3rd. You can find more information about the monthly mastermind here.

We are currently forming our core team to develop the first Local Earth Village. We are developing a global network of regenerative communities that will inspire, educate and demonstrate how the human species can live in a healthy and harmonious balance with nature!  We are currently accepting Village Resident Applications and having a village development discussion on December 15th, for anyone that is interested to be a resident and/or co-creator of the first village. Click here to learn more about our village discussion on 12/15.

Local Earth is a nonprofit environmental organization that operates primarily on contributions from our patreon members. If you appreciate the work we are doing we invite you to become a patron for as little as $1/month (learn about Patreon membership).

We are working together with the Solar Energy Alliance to share renewable energy solutions with the planet.

Please see the links below to engage with this renewable energy movement!

☀️ Free Solar Design (bit.ly/solar_design)

☀️ Solar Ambassador Program (bit.ly/SEA_ambassador)

☀️ Alliance Partnership (bit.ly/solar_partner)

Links to share…

🌎  Monthly Mastermind (local-earth.org/rcd-mastermind)

🌎  Village Resident Application (local-earth.org/resident-application)

🌎  Village Q&A on 11/11 (local-earth.org/application-q-a)

🌎  Patreon Membership (patreon.com/localearth)



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