We warmly welcome you to join us for our “EcoVillage Playshop ~ Creating Earth 2.0”!  This will be an interactive commUNITY building experience focused on the creation of a global network of EcoVillages and community building festivals.  We will connect, we will move, we will groove, we will breath and we will build!  We will embody the experience of creating healthy, loving, regenerative, collaborative and supportive community.

We will collectively vision and share what would inspire us to live in an ecovillage with 150 like-minded friends and family.  We will collectively create our next action steps towards the manifestation of this vision.  It is TIME to create this new reality… it is time to upgrade our societal systems… it is time for Earth 2.0!!  Our first Local Earth CommUnity Building Festival will be in the fall 2018 where we will begin building the 1st phases of the Local Earth Village!  We are currently gathering our tribe to birth this vision and forming our team to build the village… we invite YOU to join us!

West Coast Communities Conference ~ Sept. 29th – Oct. 1st

Information & Tickets

The Playshop experience will include…

Visioning and Meditation

Yoga, Dance, Breath, Embodiment

Interactive Charrette ~ Designing the Ecovillage

Creating connections with like-minded community members

Creating a team of Earth 2.0 visionaries ready to co-create a global network of Educational Ecovillages