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The ReGenerative Building Alliance (RBA) is a group of friends, colleagues, individuals, businesses and organizations with a shared common goal of designing, developing and building beautiful, affordable, healthy, safe, resilient and ecologically regenerative structures for the San Diego and Southern California community.


A healthy and thriving San Diego county with beautiful homes, buildings and structures that integrate harmoniously with the local environment and support the optimal health of the global ecosystem.

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The alliance provides many opportunities to get your hands dirty with volunteer work/learn days on prototype projects.  We also host frequent social gatherings to network and get to know one another!

You do not need to have any prior skills or experience in the building industry to be part of the alliance… you simply need to be a caring citizen of the planet with a passion to create healthy communities with healthy homes and structures!  Our members range from highly trained and educated professionals to community members with no experience in the building industry. The alliance is composed of builders, architects, engineers, artists, educators, policy makers, activists and visionaries of all kinds!

Once you have gotten to know the group, there is the potential to receive an invitation to join a Circle (team) of the alliance and becoming a “voting member” of the alliance that helps make decisions and guide the vision of the alliance

The RBA is an autonomous group that uses a governance model called Sociocracy to manage the alliance and make decisions.

Click button below to see a listing of the people and organizations that are currently part of the alliance.

Local Earth is one of many organizations working together with the alliance.

Listing of Alliance Members

We look forward to building regenerative commUnity and friendships with you!


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