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The Earth Stewardship Alliance (ESA) is a community action network for individuals and organizations dedicated to stewarding the health of our local and global ecosystem. We provide a collaborative, strategic platform for citizens to take action on local environmental issues.

Mother Earth abundantly provides us with everything we need to thrive. It is now our opportunity to offer our gratitude, support and respect by honoring the health of her waters, air and soil. We welcome all to this alliance whom hold a vision for a healthy, thriving and harmonious planet.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

We meet monthly to strategize and implement COMMUNITY ACTION PLANS focused on a variety of local environmental issues & initiatives. Our diverse and highly skilled team brings professionalism and precision to peaceful & creative strategies for environmental education, awareness and activism.

“WE are the ones we have been waiting for” – Hopi elders

We are waiting no longer.  If you have been feeling the CALL to TAKE ACTIONNOW is the TIMEWe honor the Earth as sacred. We honor the right for future generations to live upon a healthy, thriving and beautiful planet. We honor the Universal Rights of Nature. The call has been made… thank you for answering!

Monthly Schedule (calendar)

(Meetings rotate monthly between San Diego and Encinitas. See calendar or Facebook Group  for upcoming meeting details)

  • 6:30 – Personal Check-Ins & Community Action Group Updates
  • 6:50 – Self organize into PROJECT specific ACTION GROUPS
  • 7:00 – Strategize ACTION STEPS for this month
  • 7:45 – Action Group Working Sessions (Initiate 1st Action Step within the meeting)
  • 8:20 – Action Group Updates & Calls to Action
  • 8:30 – Begin IMPLEMENTING community ACTION plans

Location & Address

  • Soul Activation Lounge (community residence)
  • 670 Quail Gardens Lane
  • Encinitas, CA 92024

Please join our Facebook Group to SHARE ideas & inspire ACTION!

Facebook Group

Action Group Guidelines & Agreements

  • Group initiatives, projects, strategies and action steps must be focused locally within 200 miles of the local group.
  • Group initiatives, projects, strategies and action steps must be based in peace & nonviolence.

Primary Objectives…

  • Honor and protect the health of our water
  • Honor and protect the health of our air
  • Honor and protect the health of our land
  • Honor and protect the health of our ecosystem

Contribution to the Mission

Local Earth is a nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to stewarding the health of our planet. We provide the organizational management for this initiative and kindly ask that you offer a $5-10 donation at each meeting you attend to support this work. The ESA is part of the Earth 2.0 Research Project and our mission to create a Global Network of Educational Ecovillages. (more information here)

Our intention is that EVERYONE with interest, willingness and desire is able to participate.  If you are unable to contribute financially, simply speak with a coordinator to find another way you can support. Cash contributions will be accepted at each gathering. If you prefer to pay in advance with a card here is the Paypal link (

Annual Local Earth Membership: $7/month ($77/annually)

Local & Global Alliance

Our founding Community Action Group is based in San Diego – yet the model can be replicated in other cities and communities around the world; extending ever further the reach, power and collective impact of a geographically networked and integrated environmental alliance. If you would like to start an ESA group in a community outside of San Diego… please contact our coordinators.  We will help you form a local action group!

With love & gratitude,
The Earth Stewardship Alliance & Local Earth Team


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