It is with great honor we welcome you to Local Earth Yoga!!

 We come together as commUNITY to explore our relationship with nature, one another and ourselves. The Earth is a powerfully healing spirit, when we learn to live in harmony with mother nature we discover health and harmony within ourselves!

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Our yoga classes and events grow from the understanding that EVERYTHING is CONNECTED!! We are not separate from nature… WE ARE NATURE!! When we are thoughtfully taking care of the planet and our environment, we are taking care of ourselves as well. Healthy relationships require a balanced exchange of offering and receiving. We utilize the practice of yoga to cultivate mindfulness and healthy lifestyles that are in balance and harmony with nature. Mother nature provides us with an abundance of everything we need, it is our responsibility to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship with her. We come together as commUNITY to honor her, to learn from her and share our gratitude with her!!

Local Earth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the health of our beautiful planet via sustainable community development. We are currently participating in an environmental campaign called the Tiny Footprint Challenge. The mission of the campaign is to inspire healthy use of the world’s natural resources and minimize our ecologic footprint. We invite you to join us in the challenge!!

We also offer monthly Positive Footprint Adventures to more deeply cultivate our connection with nature. Each adventure includes outdoor exploration, education, environmental stewardship and commUNITY celebration! It is our intention to provide transformational experiences that leave participants feeling healthy, grateful, inspired and connected to nature!

If you would like to practice with us we invite you to please fill out our Local Earth Yoga Questionnaire ~ Thank You!!

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