The Local Earth Collective is a social movement of global citizens cultivating healthy, happy and sustainable local communities.

We as members of the Collective support the following values and principles in our thoughts, words, actions and intentions.

Human Settlement & Societal Systems

  • We value knowledge and wisdom as leaders
  • We respect nature as a teacher
  • We support local farms, organic non-genetically modified food, community gardens & farmers markets
  • We promote efficient use, conservation and preservation of clean water
  • We promote clean and renewable sources of energy
  • We promote ecologically designed structures built with sustainably sourced local materials
  • We promote ecologically-based waste management systems
  • We provide local ecosystem education, environmental understanding & biological awareness
  • We cultivate the optimal balance and integration of indigenous wisdom and appropriate technology
  • We inspire cradle-to-cradle product and system design
  • We promote just and equitable financial systems & banking models
  • We support just, balanced and efficient models of governance
  • We support community development that benefits the health of humanity & nature as a whole
  • We promote social and environmental responsibility
  • We contribute intellectual capital to the collective for the betterment of humanity

Attitudes, Actions & Worldview

  • We cultivate optimal health in relationship to self, community and nature
  • We respect the Earth & offer gratitude to the beautiful planet we have the opportunity to live on
  • We celebrate unity, peace, love, kindness, compassion and nonviolence
  • We celebrate the diversity of our cultures, religions, faiths and worldviews
  • We communicate honestly and act with personal integrity
  • We inspire creativity, collaboration and cooperation
  • We provide free and affordable community education
  • We cultivate empowerment within ourselves and in our local communities
  • We make conscious personal & local choices that positively support the health of the global community
  • We celebrate the beauty, power, fun and effectiveness of working together as community
  • We choose to work together as a local & global Collective!


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