– I commit to optimal health in relationship to myself, others and the Earth.

– I commit to a world-view and personal actions grounded in principles of optimal health and ecologic sustainability.

  • I agree to Respect the Earth
    • I agree to…
    • use personal hygiene products that are not hazardous to the Earth and water systems.  (the soils that support my food system are connected to what is going down my drain)
    • use house cleaning / laundry products that are not hazardous to the Earth (I can learn to make my own cleaning products from natural, healthy and safe ingredients)
    • create as little waste as possible (I whenever possible use my own reusable to-go containers, reusable water bottle/coffee mug / I use as little packaging, plastic/paper sacks, paper towels etc. as possible)
    • use water as efficiently as possible (conscious water use when I am washing dishes, doing laundry, watering garden watering etc.)
    • use energy as efficiently as possible (always turning lights off when I leave a room, using close-line when possible etc.)
    • when possible eat local organic food (food miles and fertilizers contribute to a large percentage of my carbon footprint.  I doing everything I reasonably can to minimize my carbon footprint.)
    • eat a sensible amount of meat (meat production is among the worlds highest consumers of clean water and energy.  I do everything I reasonably can to use natural world resource as efficiently as possible.)
  • I agree to Respect my Community and Other Beings
    • I agree to…
    • make decisions and partake in actions that take into account the health and respect for my community as a whole
    • be of service to my community and others
    • promote health and safety for all living beings
    • to communicate with others in a clear, peaceful, healthy and honest manner
    • interact with everyone from a place of love and respect
    • to participate in activities and events that support health and sustainability in the community
    • to support balanced, just and efficient governing practices
    • to support just and balanced economic systems
  • I agree to Respect Myself
    • I agree to…
    • to do my best in approaching life with an attitude of gratitude, compassion, love, integrity and joy
    • to always speak the truth
    • be held accountable for my words, actions and thoughts
    • eat a diet that is as highly nutritious and organic as possible
    • to use personal hygiene products that are nontoxic to myself and the environment
    • do my best to find health and happiness in myself, friends and environment
    • do my best to not depend on things or substances outside of myself for fulfillment and joy
    • to use any form of drug, alcohol or substances in a conscious, moderate and healthy manner
    • not abuse the use of drugs, alcohol or substances in a habitual manner
    • share my feelings openly, honestly and non-aggressively with others
    • to have some form of practice or self expression that connects my mind, body and spirit in a healthy and peaceful way to the world around me; and to myself (ie. yoga, walking, dance, nature, music, meditation, art, cooking, silence, singing, laughter, martial arts etc… whatever brings joy and healthy connection into my life)

I pledge this agreement to myself, community and Planet. ____________________________________________________________________  (signature) __________________________________ (date)




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