Welcome to Ramona Village, a newly forming co-housing community located in Ramona, CA just 45 minutes from San Diego. This planned multigenerational community is integrating the best components of cohousing, ecovillage and regenerative neighborhood design. (See Elliott Pond website for more details: elliott-pond.com/residential

Enjoy the best of both worlds – the relaxing serenity of a small rural community nested into the foothills of southern California, while also having easy access to a nearby metropolitan city with diverse culture and activities. Enjoy small town charm just a short distance from the ocean, mountains and big city life.

We are in our early-formation stage of the village. One of the most inspiring and exciting parts of cohousing is that the community members get to co-design the community in collaboration with an architect and professional development team (The CoHousing Company). There will be approximately 22-44 homes in the village available for new community members. Join us in designing the community and living the lifestyle of your dreams!

If you are interested in learning more about Ramona Village and potentially being a member of the community

please complete the “Interest Form” by clicking the button below…

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(Ramona Village is the working title for the project, the active community members and homeowners will come up with a more specific name at the appropriate time)

Contact & Communications

If you have any questions please contact…

Project Vision & Development: jim@redleafvillage.com

General Inquiry: ramona@local-earth.org

Please join our Telegram Group for real-time communication and interaction: https://t.me/ramona_village

See our Master Index document with more information, links and resources for the project.

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