Local Earth is honored to be working in collaboration with the Lumeria (Baja Project) team!

current overview statement for the project…

The vision for Lumeria is to create an Ecovillage & Wellness/Yoga Sanctuary that demonstrates holistic, healthy, thriving and regenerative ways of living that are in right relation and harmony with the planet as a whole. We are creating a multi-generational community and wellness/yoga center where residents and guests feel safe, inspired, loved, supported, whole and rejuvenated. We will provide inspiration, education and experiences that support the optimal health and wellbeing of the planet (humans and the biosphere as a whole).

Welcome to the initial development phases of Lumeria! We are currently in the preliminary planning phases and beginning to explore potential collaboration with aligned people and organizations.  If you are interested to learn more about this project or be involved please fill out the form below!  

Once you have completed the form you are welcome to join our Telegram group and planning meetings. Our current meetings are on pause, yet we will likely restart a bi-weekly planning meeting in January to start off 2024 in a beautiful way! We use the Telegram group to share information and stay in communication between meetings. You can see the calendar for meeting days/times and use this Zoom login. Feel free to contact us with any questions! (lumeria@local-earth.org)

Lumeria (Baja Project) Form

If you are interested to learn more about this project or be involved please fill out this form!

Here are links to the Master Index and useful resources with more details… 


We have explored potential collaboration with the Cohere Network (renderings below)…

Fordham Flyer






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