Welcome to “WATER” month of the Eco-Lifestyle Challenge!


We invite you to take a STEP of ACTION!!!

(Please complete ONE action from the list of options below… don’t forget to SHARE the LOVE once you have completed your step!)


Calculate your Water Footprint

Bless your Water with ‘Kindling the Native Spirit’

Watch our ‘WATER’ Eco-Lifestyle Discussion Series

Watch the ‘Real Story of Water’ video from the Surfrider Foundation

Watch the ‘Nature is Speaking’ video “Penelope Cruz is Water” by Conservation International

Watch the ‘Soil Matters’ video from Kiss the Ground

(see more options here…)


Use Low-Flow Appliances in your Home

Use the SmartKlean Laundry Ball

Drink healthy, pure water from a reusable water bottle

Attend an Educational Water Event or Workshop

Engage in Local Water Policy

Giant Leap

Remove Lawn and replace with Gardens or Native Plants

Install a Rainwater Harvesting System

Install a Greywater System (Laundry to Landscape)


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I just completed my #Water ACTION STEP for the #EcoLifestyleChallenge! TOGETHER as friends and #LocalEarth commUNITY we are creating the most healthyregenerative and beautiful world possible.  This is part of the Ecological Lifestyle Immersion… please join us in the challenge to learn more about the program & the ACTION STEPS you can take this month to help steward a healthy planet! (local-earth.org/challenge-water)

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