Thank you so much for sending in your Village Resident Application!

We appreciate your care for the planet and courage to take ACTION to create a healthy, thriving and regenerative planet. We are grateful for the possibilities of co-creating commUNITY with you!  We will be reviewing the applications through the end of December, and following up with applicants for interviews in January.  Please join us for our Village Application Q&A on November 11th @ 6:30pm PST (click here for more details).

We welcome you to join us for our monthly ReGenerative Community Development Mastermind sessions. It is typically on the first Thursday of the month (see link for upcoming dates and details).

In the meantime it would be awesome if you could read some of the following books and watch some of the recommended films!  These books and films have helped inspire and influence the community model we are developing.  We are having virtual film discussions for some of these films (see link for dates and details)

The more we all inform ourselves, the more wisdom we have to share in our co-creation.  Any reading, watching or research you can do is much appreciated!

This YouTube playlist has a lot of great videos relevant to community model research (


***Note: if you are ever purchasing anything on Amazon, if you use this link ( for AmazonSmile; 0.5% of the purchase is donated to Local Earth – this is a great way to support village development! (while simultaneously encouraging you to support local stores and artisan goods that are sustainably sourced)


Community Models to Review & Research

Solar Energy Alliance

Utilizing solar energy is one of the easiest and most direct ways people can positively impact the environment by minimizing the amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere from fossil fuels. We are honored to be working together in partnership with the Solar Energy Alliance.  It would be our pleasure to provide you or anyone you know that owns a home with a free solar design! If you would like to share information and educate people about the benefits of renewable energy we have a very generous Ambassador program.  We also have Partnership opportunities for people with an interest in part-time or full-time renewable energy careers.  Check out the links below to engage in and support this renewable energy movement!

☀️ Free Solar Design (

☀️ Solar Ambassador Program (

☀️ Alliance Partnership (



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