Welcome to this episode of the Local Earth Discussion Series with Forrest Landry (Visionary Solutions: Episode #2)! Join us for this inspiring and thought provoking conversation about the Ephemeral Group Process, civilization design, sense-making, the evolution of our species and dynamic group communication processes used to develop much needed social and environmental solutions for our planet. Please SHARE this discussion with your friends, family and colleagues!

Here are some of the links referenced in our discussion…

🌟 Ephemeral Group Process (EGP): (egp.community)

🌟 Civilization Emerging: (civilizationemerging.com)

🌟 Published Materials: (mflb.com)

If you have interest to participate in upcoming EGP events or support their team in the process please contact Forrest. He asks that you please text or email him first. (flandry19@gmail.com – 858.776.7733)

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