Local Earth Yoga / Nature Heals


To connect with the Earth & Nature to facilitate Healing; in Ourselves and with the Planet itself


EVERYTHING is CONNECTED ~ We are not separate from Nature ~ We ARE Nature

If you do not share this perspective / worldview – please diligently reflect on whether or not you feel this style of yoga feels in alignment and integrity to most optimally support you in your life and health.

You can either copy and paste the text from this page or click on this Google Doc Link – please email responses to community@local-earth.org

 Part I – Self Inquiry

What does (the word) yoga mean to you?

What is your intention of practicing yoga?

What do you wish to receive from the experience of yoga?

(We want to create balance and harmony… a balance of offering and receiving …)

What do you wish to offer to the experience of yoga?

Part II – Connection with Nature

How do you most deeply connect with nature?

Do you feel that humans are having an impact on our ecosystem, atmosphere and climate?

If yes, do you feel we are having a positive or negative affect?

        (If you feel both negative & positive answer both below)

If negative , what specific actions do you feel we as society are doing to most negatively affect our natural systems?

If positive , what specific actions do you feel we as society are doing to most positively affect our natural systems?

If negative – What is one step of action you feel YOU can do in your life to address or reverse the negative impacts we are having as humans on the planet?

Do you believe everything is connected?  (Either yes or no, please expound upon this)

Do you believe the Earth is a living organism and entity?

Do you believe the Earth has a spirit?

Part III – Personal Questions

What is your purpose?

What brings you the most joy in life?

Topics for reflection and meditation as to whether you feel everything is connected or not:

  • Are thoughts, words, actions, physical, spiritual, nature, humans, animals, technology etc. connected?
  • If we pollute our waters, do you think it affects you?
  • If we create toxic landfills in the Earth do you think it affects you?
  • Do you think it affects the world if you have positive or negative thoughts?
  • Do you believe that positive or negative thoughts can affect the atomic structure of water?





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