Welcome to the Ecological Lifestyle Immersion

We are grateful, honored and excited you have chosen to join us on on this meaningful adventure!  We look forward to working together with you and supporting you through this transformational 12 month experience.  We are embarking on an ambitious journey together to create the most healthy, beautiful and regenerative lifestyle & planet possible.

We hope you can complete the following Action Steps for MODULE A & B in the next 2 weeks or so, enabling you to get started with Eco-Lifestyle Challenge sooner than later! There is no required time limit to complete this Welcome Module – yet it is our hope to keep the excitement and momentum moving forward.  For these reasons we invite you to GET STARTED and COMPLETE this module in the amount of time that feels serving, inspiring and empowering to YOU!  Please take several minutes to watch the short video below from the U.N. Climate Summit.

**IMPORTANT** Please make sure to bookmark this webpage and/or save your ‘Welcome Module/Registration’ email in an easily accessible place, so you can be sure to find and reference this information for these Action Steps over the next couple weeks as you complete this module.  Also, please remember to add” to your email address book to ensure that following Immersion messages do not get filtered to spam.

Module (A)

Module (A) – Cultivating a Holistic Worldview

This first module is focused on Cultivating a Holistic Worldview.  We are honored to be working together with the Pachamama Alliance to address these important societal questions…

  • Where are we now?
  • How did we get here?
  • What is possible?
  • Where do we go from here?

This section will help us see and understand that social justice and environmental sustainability are all deeply interconnected facets of the same whole.  Our intention is to create a balanced path forward that integrates indigenous wisdom and modern technology in a harmonious way that leads to a healthy future for all beings, cultures and generations.

Action Step #1

Calculate your Ecological Footprint 

Calculate your Ecological Footprint to see how many planets it would take to sustain your current lifestyle?!

(You may skip to the next step if you have already completed this step from a Discovery Session or the Registration Page)

Please share what you find in our Facebook Groups and tell us how this result makes you feel?

(San Diego participants please share in the San Diego Group)

San Diego Group

(Participants not in San Diego please share in the Global Group)

Global Group

Action Step #2

Complete the online Awakening the Dreamer Symposium 

This is a 2 hour online exercise that can be completed in your own time.  You can complete it in one sitting or several smaller time periods.  Follow this link to see an overview of the symposium.  Scroll down towards the bottom of the page to where it says “Take the Online Course” and click the “Register Now” button.

Or click directly on this registration link to go straight to the form.

Action Step #3

Read the Introduction to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Please click this LINK to read the introduction.

(You may skip to the next step if you have already completed this step from a Discovery Session)

Action Step #4

Complete Immersion Questionnaire

Please click this LINK to complete the questionnaire.

We recommend you complete the symposium before doing the questionnaire as it may help inform some of your responses.

(You may skip to the next step if you have already completed this step from a Discovery Session)


Module (B)

Module (B) – Cultural Connection & the Wisdom of Nature

Nature is one of our most powerful teachers and has so much wisdom to share.  The plants, animals, soil, stars, moon, black holes, and humans… we are ALL part of nature.  Patterns such as the divine ratio and fibonacci sequence show up everywhere in nature; from subatomic particles in the microcosm to the spiraling arms of galaxies in the macrocosm.  Indigenous cultures from all around the world share a similar belief that everything in life is connected and that it is part of our responsibility as humans to take care of the planet.  Many native cultures share the belief that it is our responsibility to steward the environment in a way that maintains health, balance and harmony on the planet for our future generations.

Action Step #1

Learn about the Indigenous Cultures that originally inhabited the lands where you currently live  

Below are a few examples of things you may choose to learn…

  • Who are the Indigenous Peoples of your local bioregion?
  • What are the names of the native tribes that originally lived on these lands?
  • What type of foods did they eat and how did they acquire their food?
  • What type of structures did they live in?
  • What were their primary sources of water?
  • What were their systems for storing and transporting water?
  • Here is a LINK with regional indigenous information for the United States
  • Here is a LINK with indigenous information for the Americas

Please complete one of the following actions…

  • Small Step:  Do an internet search… “what is the history of the Indigenous Peoples of (your town/county/state/region)?”… to educate yourself about the local indigenous cultures of your area
  • Medium Step:  Check out a book from the library or purchase a book to learn about the local indigenous cultures of your area
  • Larger Step:  Personally connect with a local indigenous community in your area by finding a public local indigenous group or organization and participate in an upcoming event or gathering they are providing to the local community (it is very important to be respectful and in right relation when reaching out to connect with local indigenous groups

Action Step #2

Spend Time in Nature (Local Earth Journey)

  • Go spend at least 30 minutes in nature somewhere within 1 hour of your home
  • Make sure that in this time you can find a place to spend at least 5 minutes where you can enjoy the stillness and hear the sounds of nature – this means finding a place for 5 minutes where you can not hear the sound of cars, planes or machines (if you live in a city you will quickly see how challenging it can be to find a place where we do not hear the sound of manmade machines for even 5 minutes)
  • On this outing make sure to place your bare feet on the earth for several minutes (take your shoes off!)
  • On this same day make sure to either watch the sunrise or sunset in silence (best with shoes off!)
  • During this silence of the sunrise or sunset please set the intention to cultivate a healthy and harmonious relationship with nature and our environment
  • These guidelines included here are similar to the exercises for the monthly Local Earth Journeys you will be invited to participate in during the Eco-Lifestyle Challenge


Welcome Module Completion

Welcome Module Almost Complete!

We hope you have found this ‘Welcome Module’ to be enjoyable, meaningful and inspiring.

Once you have completed the action steps for Module A & B please complete the following steps to begin the Eco-Challenge!

Action Step #1

SHARE the LOVE on Social Media!

YES we are BEING the CHANGE as individuals by participating in this immersion… AND… we are able to create even MORE POSITIVE COLLECTIVE IMPACT when working together with others toward our shared common goals for a healthy and thriving planet!  For this reason we ask YOU to share the completion of your action step for each month of the Eco-Lifestyle Challenge. To get you ready and prepared for this SHARING process we will ask you to complete this step of SHARING the LOVE right now to complete the ‘Welcome Module’.  This will be a similar process and action for each month of the challenge.  Please copy & paste the message below into a social media post on your personal or business profile on Facebook and/or Instagram if you have an account.  If you do not participate in social media platforms please share it directly via email with your friends and family members who you think would appreciate this ecologic adventure we are participating in!

Please Copy & Paste the text below… THANK YOU!


I just completed the ‘Welcome Module’ for the #EcoLifestyleChallenge! TOGETHER as friends and commUNITY we are creating the most healthyregenerative and beautiful world possible.  This is part of the Ecological Lifestyle Immersion… please join us in the challenge to learn more about the program & the ACTION STEPS you can take this month to help steward a healthy planet! (


Action Step #2

Get Your Local Earth Handbook

Below is a link to your HANDBOOK – you can use this as a reference GUIDE as we move through the Immersion & Eco-Lifestyle Challenge

Get Your Local Earth Handbook

Action Step #3

Begin the Eco-Lifestyle Challenge!

You will receive an email within the 1st several days of each month with ACTION STEPS for the current month’s theme!

Module Completed