It is with great joy and honor that we invite you (your organization/company) to be a featured participant in the ReGenerative Solutions Summit at Evolution 2020. This is a 3 day Community Building Celebration focused on creating a world where the human species co-exists in a mutually beneficial way with the global ecosystem and contributes to the conscious evolution of life on Earth.

The ReGenerative Solutions Summit & Expo is our interactive innovation hub for Evolution 2020.  It is here during the day that the visionary vanguard of innovators, companies and organizations will be presenting interactive workshops, demonstrations and information about the regenerative solutions they are bringing forth into the world! The expo will be a showcase for regenerative goods, services, systems and technologies. We are inviting YOU to join us in the Evolution and SHARE your wisdom! 

Evolution 2020 is taking place September 18-20th in honor and celebration of the Fall Equinox (see more event information here). Summit participants will have the opportunity to share information in the Summit Zone from 10am – 5pm, Friday through Sunday.

Summit Information

See link for more detailed information about the ReGenerative Solutions Summit

We will provide you (your organization) with an 8’x8’ space in the ReGenerative Solutions Summit Zone.  If you feel the need for a larger space this is a possibility based on availability and request. The majority of this event will be taking place outside, the weather at this location in September is typically warm during the day with very little chance of rain, yet it is good to be prepared (can get chilly at night).  We will provide some general weather protection for the zone with shade/rain cloth attached to nearby trees , yet if you have the need for complete sun or rain protection we recommend you bring your own E-Z Up or shelter structure.

We will simply provide you with a designated space in the zone to share your information. It will be your responsibility to bring whatever equipment and/or materials you need to distinguish your space and present your information (tables, chairs, decoration, signage, etc). Electricity may be available upon request, depending on availability. Please request in advance if you need electricity so we can locate you nearest to an outlet if possible (you will be responsible for your own extension cord).   

List of potential items to bring for your comfort (if needed)…

  • Table/chairs
  • Shelter structure (for shade or rain protection)
  • Extension cord (if electricity is needed and available)

We will promote participating people, organizations and companies in our marketing for the event. We will create a customized social media post to share with affiliate networks presenting you (your organization) and your participation in the summit.

This event is a fundraiser to generate the resources necessary to design, develop and build the 1st Local Earth Village… part of a global network of educational ecovillages that will inspire, embody, implement and demonstrate regenerative solutions for the planet at local community scale. See the main event website for more information.

Summit Registration

If you (your organization) would like to be a featured participant in the ReGenerative Solutions Summit please register here!

Please contact us with any questions you may have!
( or call 619.517.4469)

The official representative of your organization will be gifted one free ticket to the event as a thank you for your participation ($222 value).  The agreement for this exchange is that someone will be present at your booth/space a minimum of at least 6 hours per day (this someone can be you, a co-host, colleague or a trusted friend at the event).  You are welcome to sell goods and/or services at the event and keep 100% of the proceeds (you are welcome to donate a % of proceeds to the nonprofit ecovillage project if you feel inspired to do so from your heart).

If you would like to invite a co-host to be a representative for your table/booth we will offer one discounted co-host ticket for $77.  We encourage co-hosts to arrive together in the same car in honor of carpooling, conserving fossil fuels and parking spaces. Please contact us for a discounted ticket link that you may share with ONE person only .

We invite YOU to join us in the Evolution and SHARE your wisdom!


We are moving forward with optimism that the social environment will be supportive to hold the physical gathering on our scheduled dates for September 18-20th. If for some reason due to public health and the corona situation we are not able to physically gather, we will host an interim online virtual ReGenerative Solutions Summit on our schedules dates; and reschedule our physical gathering for sometime in 2021. We will be conscious about the health and well-being of our community and planet when making these decisions. At this moment we intend to hold the physical gathering on the scheduled dates with healthy and conscious social conduct!


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