Here is a link to your personal Immersion Progress Chart.

This will help keep you on track to meet your goals for the Immersion and Eco-Challenge!

(Please make sure to bookmark this page for easy reference over the next 12 months as you complete the Immersion) 

Immersion Progress Chart

Please place an (X) in each cell on the chart as you complete your Action Steps!

For easy reference here is a link to the Welcome Module

Welcome Module

For easy reference here are links to the Eco-Lifestyle Challenge

Once you have completed the Welcome Module, below is an easily accessible link to Register for the Eco-Challenge

NOTE: This is the LAST Action Step of the Welcome Module

Eco-Challenge (REGISTER)

Action Steps (12 Months)


Please make sure to bookmark/save this Personal Progress Chart somewhere easy to reference over the 12 months.

This will assist and support you in your progress!