Film Screening & Discussion (Community Engagement & Action)

Thank you so much for joining us for the film screening and discussion last night. Below are several ways to engage and take ACTION in this movement to co-create healthy local community and a thriving planet!

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 Village Resident Application (Q&A Session)

If you are interested in being a potential resident and co-creator of the 1st Local Earth Village please complete the Village Resident Application (we are accepting applications until December 21st, 2020)! We are having a virtual Q&A session on Dec. 15th for anyone interested in the village.

 🌎 Village Application (

 🌎 Village Q&A Dec. 15th (

 Solar Energy Alliance

We are honored to be working together with the Solar Energy Alliance. Below are several ways you can engage in the renewable energy movement!

☀️ Free Solar Design (

☀️ Solar Ambassador Program (

☀️ Alliance Partnership (

Upcoming Film Screenings & Events (Calendar)

We invite you to join us for our upcoming film discussions and events… see our calendar for dates and details! 

 🌎 Calendar:

Village Development Resources

If you are looking for some village inspiration we recommend you read some of the following books and watch some of the recommended films in our Resource List!  These books and films have helped inspire and influence the community model we are developing. (

Regenerative Community Development Mastermind

You are invited to participate in our monthly ReGenerative Community Development Mastermind. This is a great opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded people interested in co-creating a healthy, thriving planet! This typically takes place on the first Thursday of the month, our next Mastermind is on Dec. 3rd. (

Patreon Membership

Local Earth is a nonprofit environmental organization that operates primarily on contributions from our patreon members. If you appreciate the work we are doing we invite you to become a patron for as little as $1/month ( The RCD Mastermind sessions are free for patron members.

Social Media

🌎 Facebook Group: (
🌎 Facebook Page: (
🌎 Instagram:  (

With love & gratitude,

Joshua Alvord and the Local Earth team

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 🌎 Village Application (
 🌎 Q&A on 12/15 (
 🌎 Calendar (
 🌎 RCD Mastermind (
 🌎 Patreon Members (
 🌎 Facebook Page (

☀️ Free Solar Design (
☀️ Solar Ambassador Program (
☀️ Alliance Partnership (


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