Greetings friends of the Local Earth Village @ Ecotopia Ranch!

We warmly welcome you to join us on January 20th for our “ReInhabiting the Village” kickoff celebration & donation campaign!  We are a community of friends and family coming together to honor the web of life and inspire one another to live in healthy and harmonious ways with nature.  Our team is designing and building a Living Cluster for 12 people on 11 acres of land, that will serve as a research, education and demonstration site for ecologically regenerative systems and holistic solutions.

Please see this link to learn more about the project and our Village Design Lab donation campaign.

Join us to bless the land, celebrate the circle of life, eat healthy food, share stories, laugh, hug, sing songs, dance and play music around the campfire.  We ALL have so much love & wisdom to SHARE… we are grateful and honored to gather & co-create with YOU as friends, family & commUnity!


1:30 – Arrival, Snacks, Tours of the Land and Socializing
3:00 – Opening Ceremony – Blessing of the Land & CommUnity
4:00 – Live Music & Potluck
5:00 – Village Presentation
5:30 – Campfire & Music
8:00 – Gratitude & Closing Circle

10622 W Lilac Rd.
Valley Center, CA 92082

** Food details: Please bring a healthy (& organic as possible) potluck dish to share. We will provide snacks & drinks for purchase/donations to go towards our donation campaign.

** Leave a Positive Footprint – We do our best to minimize any waste and leave a positive impact on the land with our gatherings.  Please be mindful of the amount of plastics & packaging involved in the food preparation process.  If possible we encourage supporting local organic farmers by shopping at farmers markets or coops.  We also encourage buying in bulk with reusable containers to minimize packaging waste.  Please bring your own cup, bowl, napkin, and utensils.

**  One of our core values in the village is holistic health.  We are practicing the art of getting high on life with positive vibes, healthy food, singing songs, playing music, placing our feet on the earth, hugging, laughing, sharing heart connection, prayers and dancing around the fire.  Please NO use of drugs, alcohol or smoking on the property.

** We are honored to be promotional partners and in collaboration with the “ReInhabiting the Village” team during this process.  Please check out their website for information on the workbook and other amazing resources!

With love & gratitude
The Local Earth & Ecotopia Ranch Family




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