Aloha Earth family, friends & tribe!

It is with great love, joy and gratitude we invite you to co-create with us at Evolution 2020!  Our ancient future is upon us… it is time to unite the tribesgather as Earth familyheal the planetraise the vibecelebrateevolve & co-create the world we choose to live in! We choose a world overflowing with love, peace, health, harmony and abundance! 

We are currently reaching out to collaborate with musicians and artists that feel in alignment with the vision and feel inspired to co-create with us! The musical components of this gathering will have an acoustic and intimate feel… an upbeat and heart-full celebration of commUnity building!  We welcome a full spectrum of harmonies from lively dance tunes to sacred vibrations connecting us with the spirit of Gaia.  The lineup will include an eclectic mix of genres spanning from world folk and medicine music to groovy dance beats and beyond!  We are calling in artists with intentional lyrics and conscious messages connected to topics such as environmental stewardship, connection with nature & spirit, commUnity building, universal consciousness, permaculture, holistic health, peace, love & harmony! If YOU are an artist interested in co-creating with us… please fill out the application below!  If YOU know any friends or other artists you feel would be an AUMazing part of this collaboration… please FORWARD them this INVITATION!

The proceeds raised from this event are going towards our nonprofit fundraising goal of $330,000 to begin building our first educational ecovillage and regenerative community.  Our event production team is volunteering our time and energy to the mission and vision of Evolution.  We will be working together with conscious businesses and sponsors to raise money for artists and core event staff.

NOW is our TIME to begin building a global network of regenerative communities that inspire, educate and demonstrate how the human species can live in a healthy and harmonious balance with nature. We would be honored to collaborate with you and other artists to create an Artist Residency Program for the villages!

We hope you will SAVE THE DATE for next year to join us!  We are currently confirming logistics for the venue & date.  It will be in Southern California on the weekend before or after the Fall Equinox of 2020 (Sept 17-20 or Sept 24-27). If you would like to join us please put those dates on the calendar as we continue to refine details and logistics.

We can already feel the power building of such an epic lineup of artists playing together…  sending out a cosmic ripple of love, healing, consciousness and universal evolution!  We would be deeply honored and grateful to announce YOU as one of the featured artists for Evolution 2020!

Event Information & Overview

Please read the event information and contact us if you have any questions ( 

Artist Application

If you would like to Play & Co-Create at Evolution 2020 please fill out the ARTIST APPLICATION!

Celebrate… Activate… Galactivate

Evolution 2020



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