Hello friends of the Earth, Water & Standing Rock

Those of you on the ground or with the necessary connections, we would appreciate your help and guidance to connect with the appropriate elders and leaders to make a proposal to the Standing Rock Movement.  We would like to propose the formation of an “Ecologic Solutions Camp” that would serve as a hub to provide information, education, training, materials and ecologic solutions to all of the people and camps present.

The “Ecologic Solutions Camp” would provide a platform to blend traditional ecologic knowledge and appropriate technology in a way that meets the needs of the Standing Rock Movement, as well as provide solutions and inspiration to the global community that is witnessing this historical situation.  This movement is on the world stage at the moment and we have the opportunity to communicate with a global audience about conscious and mindful use of natural resources.

The camp could serve as a hub for strategic planning, development and implementation of regenerative systems that demonstrate to the world that we as land and water protectors are implementing and living the values that we are promoting in this social and environment movement.

The camp would focus on solution-based topics such as…

  • natural building projects
  • renewable energy projects
  • tiny house building from ecologically sourced materials
  • non-fossil fuel dependant heating and lighting solutions
  • thermal greenhouses and aquaponics for food production
  • rocket stove building (possibly with integration of thermal mass benches of cob etc)
  • rainwater/snow harvesting systems
  • earthworks & land berming for food forests
  • greywater systems
  • water filtration systems
  • solar ovens
  • composting toilets and waste management systems
  • whole-systems design schemes and blueprints for ecovillage development
  • etc…

If this feels in harmony and alignment with the vision of the elders and movement as a whole, we can commit to rallying a team of ‘Eco-Solution’ supporters from Southern California to caravan up to Standing Rock around the week of Thanksgiving to help create the camp.  We could promote the caravan and gather supporters from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake and any other smaller towns along the way.

If this does occur over the time of Thanksgiving we would also like to offer the potential of our caravan coming with additional cooking/kitchen equipment and food.  We would be honored to prepare Thanksgiving meals for the Earth and Water protectors.  We could celebrate the day as a dedication to “Giving Thanks for Traditional Ecologic Knowledge” in honor of the world’s indigenous people and wisdom.

One of our team members also possibly has access to a significant amount of tents, bedrolls and sleeping bags that we may be able to contribute to the movement if needed.

Please get back to us after this message has been shared with the elders and decision makers.  If this feels like it will serve the movement as a whole we will begin making the appropriate plans to set this into motion!  We would be honored to be of service to the Standing Rock Movement and work together to create the most healthy and thriving world possible.

With love and gratitude,
Joshua & the Ecologic Solutions Team
josh [at] local-earth [dot] org



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