Phase I (12-18 months / August 2017 – Feb 2019)

Systems Development for Living Cluster & launch 1st Festival on temporary land with partnering organization/owner

—> Form initial team of approx. 12 people to begin designing and building the 1st Living Cluster

—> Cluster development will most likely begin on property owned by a partnering organization that makes an agreement to work with Local Earth for 1-2 years (most likely the land we are on for the 1st 1-2 years will be temporary – as we continue the process to acquire the land for the full development of 150 person village)

—> Start with temporary structures that will house the group of 12 while we work together to design and build the systems for our more permanent structures (we will send out a message asking for people to donate old campers, RV’s, tipis, yurts etc. that we can renovate and live in as temporary homes – these donations will be tax write-offs for people because we are a 501c3 nonprofit)

—> Develop cluster systems

  • Natural building methods, materials and designs
  • Greywater, rainwater catchment & irrigation
  • Gardens
  • Compost
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Cooking, food preparation and meals
  • Waste management

—> Create a Community Space

  • Kitchen, food prep, cooking and meals
  • Gathering place for music, yoga, meetings, eating etc.
  • Retreat space for events and workshops

—> As we begin building more permanent structures the temporary structures (Trailers, RV’s etc) can be rented out on AirBnB to generate revenue

  • We provide regenerative lifestyle and educational glamping experience for visitors
  • Possibility for internships as well

—> Cultivate relationships and partnerships with like-minded organizations and companies

  • Test out various technologies, materials and solutions
  • Potential sponsorship partners

—> Plan and launch the 1st Local Earth Festival

  • 3 day event focused on Community Building and ReGenerative Lifestyle
  • Approximately 150 participants
  • Hands-on Educational Classes & Workshops
    • Permaculture, gardening, earthworks, natural building etc.
  • Music, yoga, art & meditations

—> Begin development of interactive educational platform

  • Share open-source plans and information for implemented projects
  • Create DIY videos for implemented systems and projects
  • Work with ‘ReGenerate’ to create a film program that documents a group of people coming together to create and ecovillage and develop global solutions for current social and environmental challenges
    • This will be a fresh perspective on ‘Reality TV’ focused on solutions rather than drama

Phase II (12-18 months / Feb 2019 – August 2020)

Development of 1st Living Cluster for 12 people and Retreat Space on land that we have acquired as an organization/group

—> Possibly begin again with our temporary structures (Campers, RV’s, tipis, yurts etc) or a temporary dormitory structure for core group to stay in while building our permanent structures/living spaces

—> Create/build our Community Space/Lodge & Retreat Center

  • Community kitchen
  • Community bathrooms and showers
  • Can begin hosting retreats/workshops etc. for revenue generation

—> Begin building the private living spaces for our 1st Cluster of 12 people based on the research and development we did in Phase I

—> As we move into our permanent/private structures/homes we can begin renting out the temporary RV’s, trailers etc. for AirBnB

—> Host full 7 day Local Earth Festival

—> Begin observing the land and masterplanning for the full 150 person village

Phase III (24-36 months / Aug 2020 – August 2023)

Replication of Clusters & Development of full 150 village on our land


—> Develop a system of replication for the Clusters and begin building 2nd Cluster for 12 more people (total of 24)

—> Utilize system of replication to build all 12 clusters for approx 150 people

—> Build Community Center that can support 150-200 people

—> Develop Internship programs and partner with Universities

—> Begin testing & observing functionality and efficiently of full-system design for 150 people

—> Begin developing strategies for replicating community blueprint into urban planning methodologies

—> Begin developing a similar village model for a different bioregion

—> Begin research, development and experimentation of creating a new economic system and currency – the Earthshare

—> Begin research project and experiment of Earth 2.0 Initiative – demonstrate a hypothetical scenario where we have created a village on another planet similar to Earth and are developing a whole new set of social systems and methodologies for how we grow our civilization mindfully within the context of the Earth 2.0 values and parameters



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