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We would be honored if you would consider being a featured guest for our ReGenerative Community Development Discussion Series. In this series we discuss systems, tools, practices, methodologies and ideologies for designing and developing regenerative community-based projects that harmoniously integrate with the local and global ecosystem. This includes strategies of success for a variety of existing ecovillages, intentional communities and social experiments. ReGenerative Community Development is one of our primary channels for the Local Earth Discussion Series.  Local Earth is a nonprofit organization focused on regenerative community development and environmental stewardship. Here is a link to the community model and blueprint we are working on as part of the Earth 2.0 Research Project.  Please see the discussion outline and requirements below.

Discussion Agreement & Requirements

  • 45-90 minute virtual conversation with host Joshua Alvord recorded on Zoom
  • The recording will be shared on various social media channels
  • Quiet place with good light and solid internet connection
  • Computer or laptop with quality video and sound (headset or microphone is beneficial, yet not required)
  • You have the opportunity to promote projects you are working on and share the recording of our discussion with anyone you would like

Test Zoom Call

  • At least 1 week prior to our ‘official’ scheduled discussion
  • This will only be 5-10 minutes to test our computer compatibility for audio/video and brainstorm a few talking points we would like to cover in our discussion
  • The focus and priority of our recorded discussion is the quality and content of our conversation not the video quality – yet we will do our best to make sure the audio and video is as professional as possible with the equipment we have available
  • If possible it would be nice for you to be in a well lit space with natural or warm lighting and a visually pleasing backdrop (tapestry, plant, artwork, etc.)
  • For our test call please be in the same location and use the same equipment that you will be using for our official recorded discussion so we can evaluate the lighting, background and audio levels
  • Feel free to take a look at some our past discussion recordings to get a feel for the format – the current process is slightly modified yet this link provides a general idea of the format (local-earth.org/discussions)

Q&A (Optional)

  • If desired we can host a short interactive Q&A session 2-4 weeks after our initial discussion (approximately 30 minutes)
  • This provides people with several weeks to watch the discussion recording and ask us questions on a public interactive Zoom webinar

Potential Topics for Discussion

  • What do you feel are the 3 most important components of successfully developing regenerative community-based projects?
  • How would you evaluate the level of “success” for a project?
  • What do you feel are the 3 largest and most important challenges we are currently facing on the planet?
  • When you hear the word “community”… what scale most often comes to your mind (small group, tribe, neighborhood, village, town, city, nation, global)?
  • At what scale do you feel regenerative societal systems and solutions are best designed?
  • Are you familiar with Dunbar’s Number… if so what are your thoughts and feelings around this concept?
  • What do you feel are the best decision making processes, organizational models and governing systems for a community?
  • How long have you lived in any form of intentional community?
  • What is your favorite experience you have had while living in community?
  • What is the most challenging experience you have had while living in community?
  • How do you see regenerative community-based projects most successfully integrating with the current economic system and alternative economics systems that are currently being developed (cryptocurrency, blockchain, holochain, resource-based economics, whole-system accounting etc.)?
  • What do you feel is the most optimal and fair way to approach concepts of cooperative land stewardship/ownership (collective land trusts etc.)?
  • What countries do you feel are most supportive and conducive for regenerative community-based development projects?
  • Are you familiar with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals… if so what are your feelings around them?
  • What do you feel are the most important aspects of keeping community members in right relation and harmony with one another?
  • What do you feel are the best ways to address conflict when it arises in community?
  • What do you feel are the 3 most important values and ethics that must be included in any successful regenerative community-based project?

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If you would like to be a featured guest for an upcoming episode of the ReGenerative Community Development Discussion Series please complete the Featured Guest Form. We will respond to you via phone or email to schedule a time for our test Zoom call and answer any questions you may have.

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Thank you so much for your time and consideration,

Joshua Alvord & the Local Earth Team