Educator – Joshua Alvord

Joshua received his degree in Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and spent the first chapter of his career in San Diego working as an Architectural Designer for NOAA Associate Architects.  The following chapter of his career has been spent creating a nonprofit environmental organization called Local Earth.  The mission at Local Earth is to provide educational resources and experiences that empower people to live healthy, joyful and ecologically mindful lives.  The vision is to develop a global network of Educational Ecovillages that demonstrate regenerative solutions that are supporting the health and wellbeing of our planet as a whole.  

He has been fully immersed in the Ecological & ReGenerative Lifestyle, Natural & Green Building, Permaculture Design, Ecovillage and Sustainable Community Development world for the last eight years.

  • Permaculture Design Certification with the Permaculture Academy
    • Received while participating in an Ecologic Community Development Project in Cite Soleil, Haiti after the Earthquake
  • Natural Building Certification
    • Cal-Earth Course specializing in superadobe and rammed earth
    • Building system and methodology created Nadir Khalil, widely recognized for his humanitarian work to provide safe, ecological and affordable housing to all demographics of the world
  • Trained facilitator for “Awakening the Dreamer” symposiums with the Pachamama Alliance
  • Trained facilitator for the “Transition Town Movement”  
  • Completed Ecological Design Course with Gaia Education
    • Currently in the process of completing Sustainable Design Certification for the EcoVillage Design Program

Joshua has been instrumental in coordinating a variety of educational projects…

  • community garden development
  • composting workshops
  • solar installations
  • natural building home & garden retrofits
  • rainwater harvesting and graywater irrigation installations

He is a certified Renewable Energy Partner with Powur and the Solar Living Alliance.  The Solar Living Alliance works together with the top solar providers in the country to provide homeowners with the best custom designed systems for their home. He is able to schedule free Solar Consultations and Proposals for anyone participating in the Ecological Lifestyle Immersion.  Joshua has worked together with the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and the AIA (American Institute of Architects) in the development of ‘Sustainable Lifestyle Symposiums’ that provide Continuing Education Credits for design professionals.

Joshua if fully committed to doing his part on this planet to ensure that our future generations have a thriving and beautiful planet to enjoy.  He feels we have been blessed with a precious gift and opportunity to live on this amazing planet and feels it is our collective responsibility to steward it to the best of our abilities.  He finds great joy in educating, empowering and inspiring participants in the Ecological Lifestyle Immersion and is grateful to work together to create the most healthy and regenerative world possible!