Welcome to the co-creation of a global network of regenerative communities (Local Earth Villages) that inspire, educate and demonstrate how the human species can live in a healthy and harmonious balance with the natural environment and ecosystem.

We are currently in Phase I development and planting seeds for Phase II.  Phase I is a 2 year project focused on the prototyping of a Living Cluster for 12 people about 45 minutes northeast of San Diego near Valley Center (April 2018-2020).  Phase II will be the development of the 1st full scale village of approximately 150 people.

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2019 (Phase 1)

Living Cluster Prototype & Building our Village Team

We will continue to refine and complete the Phase I prototyping of the Living Cluster throughout 2019.  We are also beginning to create our team and network of collaborators that will begin developing the Phase II full scale village.  

We will also use this Facebook Group as a platform for village co-creation. Please join this group to participate!

Village Facebook Group

2020 (Phase 2)

Earth 2.0 Activation (Research Project & Community Development)

We will begin activating the Earth 2.0 Research Project and Community Development process in 2020!  For those that have joined the Community Co-Creation Newsletter we will send you information about the interactive monthly village development meetings we will begin having in January of 2020 (meetings will be virtual on Zoom or similar platform).

Earth 2.o Research Project

See more information about the Earth 2.0 Research Project here…

ReGenerative CommUnity Blueprint

See more information about the ReGenerative CommUnity Blueprint here…


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