Greetings dear friends!

This is an invitation to gather and begin the visioning and initiation of the 1st official Local Earth Village!

I am specifically inviting YOU because I see and feel you as an AUMazzzzinggg human being that is dedicated to living with intention and purpose in a way that honors the health and well-being of the planet as a whole. I see you as an inspiring steward and lover of GaiaPachamamaMother Earth.  I see you as someone who respects others and lives from a heart-centered space of love and compassion. I deeply respect you and would be honored to co-create and live in commUnity with YOU!

The intention of this gathering is to form our initial core village team. There will 3 distinct ways people can participate in this gathering and move forward with the project.

  • Type #1 participants (Village Members) – those with an interest to co-create and LIVE in the 1st Local Earth Village (we will be starting with 12 core team members that want to help build and live in the 1st Living Cluster).
  • Type #2 participants (Planning & Creation Team) – those with an interest to be part of the co-creation process and planning team for the 1st Local Earth Village (with option and potential interest to be village members at some time in the future).
  • Type #3 participants (Artist Residents) – artists with an interest to co-create an Artist Residency program and live in the village part-time (with option and potential interest to become full-time village members at some time in the future).

This is currently simply a SAVE THE DATE invitation! There will be much more detailed information to follow… yet I know peoples schedules get booked up well in advance… so I wanted to make sure to get this to you in time to SAVE THE DATE if you are interested!

This is an INVITE ONLY event specifically for YOU… please do NOT share this invitation with others. If you feel there is someone that is meant to be part of this gathering that is not already invited, please contact me and let me know the details. If it feels aligned and resonant I will send an invitation.

Details and Logistics

Location: Local Earth Village @ Ecotopia Ranch (10622 W Lilac, Valley Center CA 92082)
Date: 3/20/20 – 3/22/20

Facebook Event

Friday (Day #1 private – event participants only)

  • Sharing overview of vision, intention and plan
  • Facilitated exercises to connect, cultivate teamwork and build trust
  • Facilitated exercises to clarity the village vision

Saturday (Day #2 public)

  • This is a public celebration of the equinox and completion of Phase I of the prototype Living Cluster at Ecotopia Ranch
  • Potluck – share yummy, healthy food
  • Panel Discussion with members of our village and other nearby villages (topics will include governance models, decision making, interpersonal relations, village communication, highlights and biggest challenges)
  • Fire Circle – music & dancing

Sunday (Day #3 private – event participants only)

  • Strategic planning sessions & discussion
  • Village Development logistics & details (potential location options, land management models/practices, finances, partnerships etc.)
  • Team formation, next steps & initiation!

There is an option for those that want to camp here at the village during the gathering. This will be a FREE gathering… yet asking those that choose to camp overnight to contribute $10/night to Ecotopia Ranch and the village as a thank you for use of the land and basic amenities. You are more than welcome to use the outdoor shower and composting toilet. We have an outdoor kitchen that participants will have partial access to (we want to make sure that village residents still have full use of their kitchen space). There is also a nice camping ground about 5 minutes away with a swimming pool and actual bathrooms if you are feeling the desire for some luxury! (

For those coming in from out of town, you are welcome to arrive here at the village anytime after 4pm on Thursday afternoon (the 19th) to set up camp and get settled in. The official gathering will begin on Friday morning @ 9am!

I am so grateful & honored to know each and every one of you… and extremely excited to BUILD this 1st village with those of you that want to be part of it!

With love & gratitude,



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