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Greetings friends and community… Happy New Year!!  Let’s get 2016 started on the right foot… and with this foot… let’s leave a healthy, tiny, positive and caring footprint!!

It is with great honor I invite you to our kick-off social & potluck for the Tiny Footprint Challenge!  

The Tiny Footprint Challenge is a social & environmental campaign inspiring healthy use of the world’s natural resources.  Our mission is to educate people with simple and effective ways to minimize their ecologic footprint.

Time: 6:30 – 9:00 PM

Date: Thursday, Jan 21st

Location: Casa de Bloom – 3123 Quince Street – San Diego, 92104

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Our planet is currently facing very real concerns with regards to the health of our global ecosystem.  One of the largest contributors to these issues is our collective carbon footprint as a human species.  Our modern societal behaviors consume a large amount of natural resources and utilize large amounts of energy, hence generating large amounts of hazardous greenhouse gases that are negatively affecting the health of our biosphere.  In December, “representatives of 195 nations reached a landmark accord at the UN Global Climate Summit in Paris that will, for the first time, commit nearly every country to lowering planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions to help stave off the most drastic effects of climate change.” (New York Times – LINK)

The Earth itself, and governments all around the world are PUTTING OUT THE CALL… our planet needs HELP… and WE are ANSWERING the CALL!! WE are ready to STEP INTO ACTION and create the most healthy, beautiful, thriving and regenerative world we KNOW is possible!!

We will host a monthly Tiny Footprint Social on the 3rd Thursday of EVERY month.  Each month we will focus on creating and living the STEPS for one specific area of our life (ie. food, water, shelter, energy, waste etc).  We start off each month’s social with a healthy, organic potluck where we break bread together as friends and community.  We will then facilitate a 45 minute group discussion on that month’s specific topic.  The discussion will be focused on identifying small, medium and large steps of action that will become the guidelines for the following month’s specific challenge.  After our discussion the evening is an open canvas for creativity, synergy, expression and collaboration.  Some potential options are intentional art projects, music, films or presentations from local individuals/organizations that are involved in synergistic endeavors.  Our monthly socials are always free, yet we kindly ask if participants would consider a $1 donation each month that we can offer to our hosts for providing us with such a wonderful space to gather.  ***PARKING: To respect our elderly neighbors, please park around the corner on 31st Street or Redwood Street. Also, please come and go from the property quietly. Thank you!!***

We are beginning this campaign grassroots style at the commUnity level here in San Diego… which means YOU have the opportunity right NOW to be part of the SEED PLANTING and CREATION phase of this campaign!  This 1st potluck and social will be a welcoming event to provide an opportunity to meet new like-minded friends and begin forming our team of superheros who will help grow and implement this campaign.  We will be developing, creating, testing and experiencing this campaign locally here in San Diego for most of 2016.  By 2017 we will have a traveling educational tour that promotes the campaign at conferences, festivals, schools and local events up the west coast (California, Oregon & Washington).  This year we are hosting a design challenge with local professionals and architecture students to build the most affordable and ecologically designed Tiny House on the planet.  This Tiny House will be part of the educational traveling tour, as well as housing for a campaign intern.  By 2017/2018 we will launch a viral social media campaign that promotes the initiative nationwide (and eventually internationally).

This campaign is the 1st step towards the longer term vision of our organization to begin building a global network of ecovillages.  This campaign will help inform and guide the ideas and values that will be implemented in the creation of the first Local Earth Village.  Local Earth Villages will serve as educational and innovative societal models for urban planning and sustainable community development.

January Discussion Agenda

  • methods to cultivate group collaboration, community engagement and support (eventually we want 100’s or 1000’s interacting and participating with us)
  • overall structure and strategies for creating and implementing the campaign
  • develop a list of potential local organizations and businesses that may be interested in collaboration and sponsorship of the campaign
  • potential incentives and rewards for people who choose to accept the challenge
  • balance of high-tech digital marketing and real world interactive events (how these 2 elements interface with one another)
  • potential roles and interest of people in the group – how you could possibly see yourself participating in and supporting the campaign

We always strive to LEAVE A POSITIVE FOOTPRINT with our Local Earth Events.  Please help us do this by bringing your own cutlery, plate/bowl and reusable drinking vessel.  This will help us minimize waste from plastic cups/utensils and paper plates.  While preparing your food for the potluck please consider the option of buying ingredients in bulk from the market.  Small steps like this also help minimize waste from processed and packaged foods.

Phase I – Accepting the Challenge – 3 Steps of ACTION in 3 months

  • January – Welcome Potluck and Kick-off Social
  • February – Renewable Energy
  • March – Efficient Use of Natural Resources – Tiny Footprint Kit (stopping usage of single use disposables)
  • April – Create a Positive Footprint Adventure (nature, education, environmental stewardship)

Phase II – Continue the Challenge by taking 1 step of action per month in a specific area of life (10 months)

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Transportation
  • Clothing
  • Hygiene
  • Health/Activity
  • Travel/Leisure


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