Thank you for your ticket purchase and joining us in the Evolution!

Please read all of the information on this page to ensure you are well informed and prepared for an amazing experience!

Either print or take a screenshot of this page as confirmation of your purchase. Please bring either the printed version or screenshot and a valid form of ID with you to the Welcome Table to receive your ticket and wristband for Evolution 2020!

If you are not already a Village Patreon Member you can register to become a member anytime before the event!

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Village members will receive FREE parking passesshower passes and other discounted special offerings at the gathering!

Directions & Arrival

You are welcome to arrive at Madre Grande anytime after 8:30am on Friday, September 18th. We ask that all participants leave the property by 7:30pm on Sunday, September 20th.

Madre Grande Monastery is on a beautiful property about 30 miles east of San Diego. There is a fairly rough, rocky road the last 2 miles so you will want to allow yourself around 1 hour to calmly arrive at the venue from San Diego. This road provides you with the opportunity to slow down, take some deep breaths, enjoy the views, reflect on what Evolution means to you and arrive with aware presence to the gathering!  Please see these directions on the Madre Grande website for more details (


3-Day Villager tickets include 2 nights of camping (Friday & Saturday).  We request that campsites are broken down by 5:30pm on Sunday


Parking is FREE for Village Patreon Members and carpoolers (at least 1 person in the vehicle must be a patreon member). Non-patrons or non-carpoolers will pay $10 per car cash for parking (there is limited cell connection so please have cash available).


Please bring whatever food and camp cooking gear you will need for yourself. There will likely be vendors selling food and beverages, yet this is not confirmed for the moment. (We will update this section if we confirm that food/beverage vendors that will be participating)


Please bring your own cup or water bottle that you can fill at the drinking stations.  There will be onsite well water available for drinking. (There will also be a drinking station sponsored by the Kangen Team that will be demonstrating their water filtration technology)

Zero Waste

In the spirit and intention of this evolutionary gathering we are aiming for this to be a Zero Waste gathering… or an extremely minimal waste gathering. Please bring your own reusable plate/bowl, cutlery and drinking receptacle.  Please limit any form of single use disposables… you pack it in – YOU PACK IT OUT!

Conscious CommUnity Celebration (Use of substances)

This is a conscious commUnity celebration where we have the opportunity to experience the beauty of a natural high of life… connection to nature, friends, music, love and laughter!  This is NOT the type of gathering that encourages getting intoxicated with the use of external chemical substances or hard drugs. We support mindful, moderate, conscious, conscientious, sacred and intentional use of natural substances that support your already natural, healthy and joyful expression of being. Moderate and conscious enjoyment of alcohol, plants or herbs is welcome.  There is to be NO use of illegal drugs or hard alcohol on the land (beer, wine, kombucha are ok). If anyone abuses this invitation of conscious natural substance usage they will be asked to leave the gathering. Thank you for honoring the intentional way of living and the sacredness of the land at Madre Grande Monastery. It is beautiful to remember that we have the tools and all we need inside of us to experience natural states of ecstasy and elevated awareness whenever we choose (without the need of external substances)!


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