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In the spirit of a healthy & harmonious planet… welcome to Earth 2.0 ~ The Next Evolution!  What a beautiful time to celebrate the freedom of our minds, thoughts and creativity!  On this day, in this moment, I invite you to take a pause… 

Place your bare feet on the Earth… close your eyes… FEEL the warmth of the Earth on the souls of your feet… take a DEEP breath… feel the sun caress your skin… feel the breeze carrying to you messages from both your ancestors and future leaders.  There is a whisper upon the wind saying NOW is the time.  NOW is the time to claim our sovereignty of thought… our sovereignty of BEING.  NOW is the time to align with our highest selves and the wisdom that is yearning to shine through.

Our Ancestors are singing the song – the song created to AWAKEN us when we HEAR THE CALL.  The Spirit of the Earth is calling… the song is being sung LOUD & CLEAR.  The rainbow bridge is complete, the tribes are gathering.  Indigenous wisdom is being called forth to once again live in harmony with the Earth & with sacredness upon the land.  From THIS MOMENT on we will only take steps that lead toward ecological and societal harmony.


From THIS MOMENT forward we will only create products and systems with ‘cradle to cradle’ philosophies in mind.  We will STOP polluting our rivers, oceans, lakes, air and soil.  We will STOP the individuals and organizations that are doing so.  We will no longer sit idly by as our environment and home is devastated, polluted and destroyed.  We will no longer sit idly by as indigenous tribes are forcefully removed from their land to drill for oil or extract other resources from their land.

The New Earth (Earth 2.0) is being born in THIS MOMENT as YOU READ THIS.  It is emerging in THIS MOMENT from your HEART & MIND.  If you are reading this… YOU are hearing the call.  We can no longer work at purposeless jobs for a paycheck to support consumeristic lifestyles that are destroying the very planet that provides us with the land upon which we create our homes and communities.

It is TIME to REMEMBER we can GROW FOOD together, we can BUILD our homes together, we can POWER our communities with clean renewable energy.  We can create walkable communities where we no longer need to drive on freeways to ‘get to work’ – our ‘work’ will be within our communities.  We can create schools & educational systems that connect our youth back to nature and the Earth.  Our children can learn about appropriate technology & innovation; as well as how to plant seeds in the garden, think creatively, play music & create art.  We will nurture cultivate the creativity & innovation that is bursting forth from inside their wise souls.  It is time for kids to put down the iPhones and build tree forts, garden, play games, dance and sing together.


It is TIME to for us to STOP FEARING ONE ANOTHER within our own society & REMEMBER we are ALL brothers & sisters here on planet Earth with the same basic human needs.  No matter what our skin color, sexual preference, nationality or religion – our blood is red; we eat, we sleep, we love, we die.  We ALL need food, water, shelter, energy, love, creativity and community.

It is TIME that we CREATE a governing system, justice system and economic system that serves the basic needs for ALL BEINGS while simultaneously honoring the health of the planet.  We no longer need to support a ‘fractional-reserve’ based economic system that creates vast imbalances in our society.  We no longer need to play within this ‘rigged’ game.  We are creating a NEW GAME… a new game where EVERYONE WINS because it is based on COLLABORATION rather than competition… it is based upon mutually beneficial interactions between all entities playing… WE ALL WIN just by playing.  This new game is called Earth 2.0 – The Next Evolution – and it begins NOW!!  We invite YOU to play with us!!

“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.” – Richard Buckminster Fuller

The 1st simple steps start RIGHT HERE in this forum.  We invite YOU to post and SHARE any innovative ideas, websites, resources or appropriate technology that you come across.  Please INVITE or ADD any of your friends to this group that you think will also HEAR THE CALL!  This is a space to co-create solutions and begin taking our 1st steps towards the creation of a new society.

Facebook Group

This new game will begin to take form as a societal experiment where we begin to build a sustainable and regenerative base-unit community model for society.  This will done via a global network of Local Earth EcoVillages.  We will test the best proposed solutions for new systems – over time & iterations we will refine the efficiency and efficacy of our systems and eventually be ready to share and implement them with society as a whole.  The systems and designs we create will be extremely valuable for the city & urban planners of the future.

We are creating this new model & game through celebration, education and inspiration at annual Local Earth Convergence.  The 1st Local Earth Convergence will be over the Summer Solstice of 2020!  The 1st festival will be small and intimate (approx. 144 people – based on the village blueprint) and focus on the development of a Living Cluster Model

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

It is with great humbleness and joy I announce to you that NOW is the TIME…  we are beginning to CREATE our NEW SYSTEMS ~ Earth 2.0 is underway… energy & and momentum is growing… the Evolution is HERE NOW!!!  We are gathering the tribes, we are building our teams, we are UNITING the nations!  TOGETHER WE ARE CO-CREATING EARTH 2.0!

We are building a team of visionaries, innovators, thought-leaders, farmers, economists, natural builders, artists, musicians, permaculturists, videographers, photographers & social media specialists just to name a few.  EVERYONE has something to offer in the co-creation of this new game and New Earth!!  We invite YOU to join us if you HEAR THE CALL!!

With love & gratitude,
Joshua & the Local Earth Family

(Contact us for collaboration at: community [@] local-earth.org)



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