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Thank you so much for your interest to be involved with the Local Earth Village at Ecotopia Ranch!  We are currently creating the foundation of the village with the initial 8 members who have been working together for the last 8 months to birth this creation!  We will eventually have 12 members at the village for this 1st phase of the vision for a Living Cluster.  We are waiting until we feel settled with the preliminary 8 members moving onto the land until we begin accepting village applications for the next 4 members.  We are currently creating our new member application process and are anticipating having this ready approximately by September.  Please check back with us in the fall!

In the meantime, please make sure you are subscribed to our monthly newsletter for upcoming events and village updates.  We encourage you to come out to the land for our events so you can get to know the village family and we can get to know you!  Feel free to email us (village @ local-earth.org) with any further questions.

Wishing you a blessed and beautiful day… we hope to meet you or see you again soon!

The Village Family



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