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This program has been created for anyone that has a desire to live a more regenerative and healthy lifestyle.  We provide ecologically mindful steps of action, information and resources that empower participants to make educated daily choices that support the health of our local communities and planet as a whole.

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Program Overview

Discovery Session

15 minute video conference with one of our Immersion Educators to discuss the course overview.  This provides us with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of you and your potential goals and intentions for participating in the Immersion. Likewise, it provides us an opportunity to share with you more in-depth details and components of the program.

Introductory Consultation

Personal 90 minute deep dive with one of our Educators to provide you with inspiration, motivation, and guidance to make ecologically mindful choices in your life.  We help you establish your goals for the program and create a strategy to meet those goals.  We support the cultivation of a holistic worldview and provide you with a roadmap forward to make positive lasting changes in 3 primary areas of your life.

Eco-Lifestyle Challenge (12 months)

12 month challenge created to inspire and educate participants with practical steps of action to live a regenerative lifestyle that supports the health of our planet as a whole.  The program is designed to encompass all facets of daily life, and empower participants to make well informed, ecologically mindful daily choices.

Monthly Mentorship Program (optional)

Participants have the option to schedule 30 minute monthly Mentorship Sessions with an Immersion Educator for ongoing support and guidance for the monthly action steps associated with the Eco-Lifestyle Challenge. These are great opportunities to refresh your intentions for the course and ask for any additional support you may need to meet your goals.  We are here to provide accountability and encourage you in your commitments to the challenge!

Local Earth Journey (monthly)

A monthly local adventure that provides a wonderful opportunity to connect and learn with other eco-minded friends in community.  The focus for each journey is related to the theme for the current month’s Eco-Lifestyle Challenge action steps.  The shared intention every month is to connect with the beauty and wisdom of nature while honoring the importance of our participation in the stewardship of a healthy local and global ecosystem.

Local Earth Handbook ~ Ecological Lifestyle Guide

The handbook provides you with a roadmap forward to successfully complete the program.  It provides you with an overview of the whole 12 month curriculum and provides you with the necessary information and resources to make ecologically mindful decisions in each area of your life.  It is an offering to inspire, educate and empower you!

Eco-Lifestyle Kit (optional)

This kit provides you with practical products & information necessary to begin living an earth friendly, zero-waste lifestyle.  It includes a reusable tote/shopping bag, bamboo utensils, dishware, water bottle, soap and various eco-friendly product samples.  The kit reminds us to be mindful while on the go and enjoying the adventures of life!

Monthly Newsletter

Every month participants will receive a newsletter with practical ideas, information and eco-tips recommended for a healthy and regenerative lifestyle.  Included will be an in-depth introduction to the current month’s theme and action steps for the Eco-Lifestyle Challenge.  It will provide you with upcoming event information and discounts for a featured monthly product or service.

Discount Coupon Book

The coupon book provides you with amazing discounts on ecologically mindful products and services offered to you by our partner organizations and sponsors.


 Inspiration to Participate!

Life feels rich and fulfilling and when connected to nature and community

We are here to provide you with the best information, guidance and resources available (there is an overwhelming amount of content about ecological living – our team supports you to be the most efficient & impactful with your time & actions by separating the wheat from the chaff)

Feel proud to know you are taking positive steps of action in your life to support a healthy world for your family and all future generations

Feel confident to inspire and educate others about ecologically based life choices

Receive discounts on regenerative products and services that support the health of the local communities and planet as a whole

Save money with regenerative DIY (do-it-yourself) tips and resources

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We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  Your participation in this program helps support the Earth 2.0 Research Project and development of a global network of Educational Ecovillages that demonstrate regenerative solutions to the current social and environmental challenges we are facing on the planet.



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