What do Ecovillages, Intentional Communities, co-ops and non-profits have in common? Yes, you guessed it. They are by people, for people… and for many of us a ray of hope for our future. Have you ever dreamt of starting or joining a community or a co-op?

If the answer is yes, you want to meet Diana Leafe Christian. She is the authority on how to do this with success! She’s travelled the world over several decades and recorded what makes these communities works and what causes them to fail. She wrote the book on it, actually she wrote two of them.  Diana is the acclaimed author of “Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities”.

Diana will be joining our San Diego Community to to give us a dense cross section of her decades of study and experience in intentional communities and community governance in two great workshops.  Join us for one or both.  Stay for lunch!

Diana speaks and offers workshops internationally on topics including the tools and processes to create successful new intentional communities, creating more connection and harmony in communities, and governance and decision-making methods — primarily the N St. Consensus Method and Sociocracy.

Diana has the ability to make complex issues simple and clear. From her deep and broad understanding of community dynamics, she teaches effective and harmonious ways for groups to become healthy and thriving, and to resolve the typical interpersonal challenges that can arise in any community.

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Dates & Location

WorldBeat Center

2100 Park Blvd, San Diego 92101

Friday, February 3rd

6-8pm Slideshow: Ecovillages and Intentional Communities (FREE)

Facebook Event: Slideshow

Saturday, February 4th

9:30am – 12 Noon:  Three Aspects of a Healthy, Thriving Ecovillage, Intentional Community, or Member-Led Group. (Diana will share three simple factors that help ecovillages, intentional communities and member-led groups succeed and thrive. Book signing.)

12-1 Lunch at the WorldBeat Center

1-3:30pm:  Sociocracy Overview: A Governance and Decision-Making Method for Ecovillages, Intentional Communities, and Member-Led Groups.

A brief overview of an effective governance and decision-making method for better meetings, getting more done, and feeling more connected with other members.

*Sociocracy (also called Dynamic Governance) is a system of governance using consent decision making and an organizational structure based on cybernetic principles (a system with closed feedback mechanisms). Sociocracy has been advocated as a management system that distributes leadership and power throughout the organization.

Facebook Event: Workshops


At the door: $50 each/ $90 combined

Morning Workshop $45 Afternoon Workshop $45 Combined Workshop $80

Nonprofit Organizations can purchase a group ticket for up to 5 people for $100 (please provide EIN # when purchasing)

Nonprofit Group $100 Nonprofit Combo AM & PM $150

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Local Earth
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“Diana’s workshop was fantastic! She truly is a master at taking complex material and making it simple, plus the way she engages workshop participants is brilliant.”  —Gaya Erlandson, co-founder, Lotus Lodge Community, North Carolina, 2012

     “Quite simply the finest workshop I’ve ever attended. You quickly cut to the chase, providing hours of practical answers, and all with a hilarious sense of humor.” —Dennis Gay, Champlain Valley Cohousing, Vermont, 2013

     “It was a magical workshop! I feel such gratitude, and inspiration to go on investigating how Sociocracy can support our community.” —Malin Wik,  Ängsbacka Ecovillage, Sweden, 2013

“So useful to apply Sociocracy to intentional communities. I also loved your “tell it like it is” style and your pacing, humor, clarity, focus. I absolutely got what I came for.”  —Paul Voss, Hart’s Mill Community, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 2013

     “ . . . one of the best presentations I’ve seen. Diana was down-to-earth, humble, extremely knowledgeable, and realistic. I learned so much: her presentation was practical, insightful, inspiring, and useful (as well as funny).  —Laura Allen, Los Angeles Eco-Village, 2015